Stretch: Normal Leather Vs. Suede

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  1. Hello Everyone!

    I just wanted to know the difference in stretching between normal leather on the PS1 and suede - is there any difference?
    What I reckon is that since suede is thicker than the normal leather it will retain more of a shape than the leather.......but thats just a guess. Also, I'm thinking of getting a large suede PS1 - so this question is more directed at that size, as I have read in many posts that the large size does not retain its shape after some use, and pulls a lot around the clasp area.
    For those who own both suede and normal leather PS1 bags, please HELP!:help:
    Your help is much appreciated. :biggrin:
  2. ^ ^ ^ I have both, but it's not necessarily a good comparison because I've been carrying my leather PS1s for over a year and a half, but have only had my suede for a couple of months.

    Based on my preliminary observation, the suede bag will maintain its original shape longer than the regular leather. I recall that my older PS1s became slack, especially in the sides and at the bottom panel, almost immediately. (For me, this was a good thing!)

    It is also worth noting that my suede PS1 is a Medium, while the leather PS1s are the Large size. I'm not sure if that makes a difference or not. I carry pretty much the same things in both bags, although sometimes with the Large size I might throw in a kindle or an iPad that I would leave behind when carrying the Medium size.

    It makes sense to me that, with suede being more "dense" than leather, if you carry the same items, the weight of your belongings will have a more pronounced effect on the leather version of the bag than the suede. Since the suede bags are heavier, it seems like it would take more weight to start the "breaking in" process than a leather counterpart.
  3. Thank you ehemelay! Your answer was very helpful!!! :biggrin: I just have some more question about the suede for you (sorry!) is it holding up for you?? Is it a bag that can be used several times a week or would the suede get dirty quite fast? Because i've been pinning over the Raspberry Large PS1 but i'm afraid I'll ruin it ....its pretty dry where I live but quite dusty...and I've seen PS1 bags in suede that have lost their beautiful vibrant colors and don't want that to happen to me!

    Thanx again!
  4. No problem! My suede PS1 is Tobacco, which is a medium brown. It's holding up very nicely, but because it is suede, it's the only bag in my collection that I won't take out if it's going to rain. I have protected it with Vectra spray (no denim transfer, so that's good!) but I don't think there is any product that can combat heavy water spots on suede.

    So, if you go with a darker color like Raspberry I think that you will have no problems. I don't have the patience to be super careful with my handbags, and this one has held up so far.
  5. Again ehemelay, thank you so much!

    I LOVE the tobacco suede ps1 - congratulations on such an amazing color! After the info you have enlightened me with, I have finally decided to take the plunge and buy the raspberry suede ps1!!!!!!

    thank you so much!
  6. Good news! Looking forward to see your Raspberry bag...