Stressing over a scarf, need opinions please

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  1. I ordered the Suhali Lockit PM in Sienne for my mother for Christmas. She likes the scarf look and I saw this one, it's cheap and after the bag, I'm broke plus it's colors that she'll like but I can't decide for sure, please take a look and tell me what you think. Also, What is a good size (this one is 26"x26") for the handle of a bag? IS this too large?

    eBay: New Hand Made 100% Silk Scarf, Autumn Rain (item 180052861150 end time Nov-25-06 18:00:04 PST)
  2. ohhh That will be gorgeous on that bag IMO! Good call!
  3. That scarf has some really pretty colors in it. But I do think it may be too big. But since it looks really thin, you may be able to tie it in a way that won't be too bulky.
  4. I think your mom will probably be extremely happy with the Lockit, scarf or not...what a fantastic Christmas present for her! I'm sure she'll be able to find herself the perfect scarf for the bag after need to stress!

    Good luck!
  5. The scarf is beautiful and will complement the bag so nicely.
    I havs several 25" X 25" scarves (ie similar measurements) and they are a good size. Not to large.
    I think it will look so pretty! What a sweet daughter you are!
  6. I think the colors are very pretty and would look great on the Suhali!
  7. Definitely pretty!
  8. Thanks everyone! I bought one. I have to confess, I wanted to buy myself another bag but my mother actually liked the Suhali a lot and made some comments about it recently after seeing it in the AC LV. She seriously dislikes anything with visible labels or logos and I was so astonished that she mentioned that bag a few times, I figured I'd do this for her (and I've had a few great months of work-hence all of my LV spending crazes) and she got me a Damier Ribera MM (that's why she was in the store (shhh, I'm not supposed to know-hehe) so I did it. She mentioned how nice she thought it might look with a scarf too and I was like, well, she's really thought a lot about the bag and when I saw the scarf (can't beat8 bucks) I thought it was good but needed all the opinions to help me. Thanks very much! You guys are always so great!
  9. I agree! the Lockit its definantely enough.. its an amazing christmas present already, perhaps get someone else from the family to get a scarf for her to go around the bag? Or even just leave it up to her if she wants it or not..
    goodluck! *I wish I was your mom hehe*
  10. Pretty scarf but I think it's too big for the bag.

    I bet your mom will be so to see the pics...:graucho: :love: