Stressing out!!!

  1. I know this is lame but I can't seem to figure out what I want by Thursday. Do I want the cerf tote? Jumbo flap? medallion?!? Arggg! I'm getting a headache!!! I can't seem to make up my mind and dont want to make the wrong decision. I won't be able to return/exchange it bc then all the stupid prices will go up. So I need to make the right choice pronto!!!

    Anyone stressing out like me?:confused1:

    p.s I WISH i could get them all but thats not possible, lol.
  2. all 3 are great choices.....good luck deciding on one!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Don't stress though I know it is hard with all of the price increase madness. Look at what you already have. If you don't have any flaps, I would suggest a jumbo flap simply because it will be so much more expensive after the price increase and it is such a classic.
  4. I know exactly how you feel, and the pressure of the increase makes is just awful :yucky:, knowing if you choose wrong, you'll have to pony up more $$$ for another bag :s.

    The Medallion and the Cerf are similar, the flap is totally different. Try and think what best style of bag works for you.
  5. Aww, don't stress out... I know it's hard not to with the impending price increase, but it'll be okay! :tup: Hmm, well of your three choices, the first thing I'd have to ask you is are you more of a tote kind of girl, or a flap kind of girl? :smile: Are you looking for an everyday bag, or a special "use it when I want to carry my Chanel" kind of bag? :smile:

    If it were me, I'd pick the Jumbo, simply because I happen to adore flaps (but, again, that's me), and that bag in particular is going up by $400... a greater increase than either the Medallion or the Cerf tote. :sad: I'd try them all on, assuming you already haven't done so, and pick the bag that works best for you, because YOU need to love it and it has to fit YOUR lifestyle. :heart: :heart: Good luck deciding!! :tup:
  6. Tough call...good luck in deciding and enjoy whatever you get! :tup:
  7. I'm in the same boat. Between jumbo flap or gst in black. This would be my very first Chanel. If I can't choose, I decided to just wait & pay more. The first one should be magical & hassle free...;)
  8. Pick jumbo, you can't go wrong with that and relax!
  9. too!

    I'm thinking about classic jumbo or GST...
    ((still couldn't decide)).
  10. The good news is that the Cerf tote will not be increasing from the current $1995 price point. You still have time to add it to your collection. If a flap is a bag you will use and love, I vote for the Jumbo since the increase is substantial. Good luck!!
  11. i am in the same boat and while its almost 1am now , i am still trying so hard to decide!
    i would say, go for the one which you love the best!
    The rest can wait.
  12. thanks all of you for your advice! I'm going to the chanel boutique tomorrow but still have not made up my mind.:hrmm: lol. But so far I think its going to be the jumbo, but who knows! Im so undecisive!
  13. dont rush...make sure u take ur time deciding. good luck and post pics when you get it.
  14. goodluck!! love all 3, so whatever you end up getting would be a great choice imo :smile:
  15. I would get a jumbo IMO.... its classic and beautiful!