stressed out!

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  1. so last week i had a speedy 40 reserved for me, since i plan to go shopping the 28th. and when i heard about the 5% increase i was ok with that, but when i heard rumours about a 30% increase on signature bags i flipped out. i called my SA and he assured me that the shipment will be in in about two days, well i cant go until the 28th. he told me that since i reserved my bag before the increase that i will pay the before increase price... and that he would hold the bag until monday for me....

    HOWEVER... i am still freaking out that something might go wrong... i have this pit in my stomach, and i am soooo nervous and very edgy!...

    do any of you think that i wont get the bag at the before increase price? will something go wrong?

  2. If you are THAT worried about the price increase on your reserved Speedy 40, then pay for it ahead of time with your CC and get the current price. LV will gladly hold the bag until you can pick it up yourself.
  3. 30% increase!! I SURE hope that was a rumor!
  4. First -- I don't think you should flip out about a bag. Even if it went up by 100% So what?? -- It's a bag. I mean that sincerely and in a nice way. :yes: It's not that serious. If you can't get it, you can't get it. Think about all the other more important things in your life and the world. Second -- read the other thread about price increases. Many people have provided concrete quotes about concrete items and they all have been in the normal 5% range. I called "866" twice and was even transferred to corporate -- same thing. Third -- since it's your SA that has helped fan the fumes of 30% increase, if it turns out to not be true, then you should get another SA. ((((HUGS)))):balloon:
  5. ^i agree!
  6. I think the tagline of this forum says a lot Shallow Obsessing Strong Encouraged. Remember you love this bag and a 30% increase is both unheard of and reserved for Chanel when they decide they're crazy.
  7. OH dont worrie.
  8. Oh Hon, that's not worth stressing about ... think positive thoughts! Stress is so bad for your health and imo, there's not a bag out there worth endangering your health.
  9. lol... im fine now... i was just having a moment... *embarassing*... but yeah.. i spoke to 866 vuitton, and they said that 30% was high for an increase... and i have faith that the bag will be held... im thinking positive thoughts lol

    thanks everyone!
  10. i agree just pay ahead
  11. If you can pay ahead, then do that... this way you will not have a worry... SMILE, by next week you will have your bag :smile:
  12. it won't be 30% increase, LV corporate said only a 5% increase across the board, besides, an LV boutique will honor you with the original price; they're really good about that. just focus on the fact that you're getting a beautiful, new handbag!!!
  13. Glad you spoke with 866! I knew 30% was too high.
  14. The increase isn't 30%. And I agree with someone else, why don't you just pay for it now with a CC.