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  1. After many different prescriptions/cleansers/gels/doctors appointments/you name it, I've FINALLY been able to pinpoint why my skin is so bad sometimes. Stress. I finally saw a good dermatologist who has spent a lot of time with me, finding out all about my lifestyle, stressors, diet, etc. and the only explanation for my skin is stress. When I'm happy and not stressed out, my skin is flawless. When I'm unhappy or stressed, I have tons of tiny little bumps all over my face. My family doctor has always recommended acne medication, which in turn made my skin worse since it wasn't actually needed by me.

    Lately I've been pretty stressed out and the bumps are all back and of course, is making me feel more stressed out. Some of the things that have been causing this are things that can be dealt with, but there's some that there's just nothing I can do about right now.

    So my question is... what are your go to stress relievers? I have a healthy diet, I work out, but other than that I'm busy about 90% of the time, I work a full time job, which definitely has its stressful moments, I'm a part time model and I'm going back to school (hopefully! I'm super excited for this). So I'm looking for some great tips that will hopefully help me and help to sort this mess out on my face.

    Of course, any tips for the little bumps would be greatly appreciated too.

    Thanks ladies!
  2. Have you tried meditation or deep breathing exercises?
  3. A nap helps me. Listening to calming music which for me is classical. A walk.

    It's different for everyone. I do agree that stress can affect every system in our bodies.
  4. Try and get lots more sleep.

    But im not one to talk. When something stresses me out, im stressed to the max and when I stress I always get one big zit. Granted I dont get as much to no pimples at all lately, but I get a really painful zit when im stressed out. I have one now and its one of those under the skin zit that hurt so much! Ive been stressed cos of work lately.

    I have to recommend pro-activ though. While I didnt like using it everyday cos I felt it was very drying, but I thought it worked well for me if I just concentrated on the affected area. Maybe have at least 10-15 mins to yourself, close your eyes and just breathe and think of all the good things in your life?
  5. Sometimes drinking a cup of tea can help. Just breathing in the vapor can help a bit.
  6. I second meditation! Put a meditation CD on when you're get into bed.

    Also, have you tried yoga? I particularly like Bikram yoga, because it teaches you to how to calm yourself down.