Stress Relief for Baby Dancers

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  1. So how do you stay "in the mood" when trying to get pregnant? It can be alot of pressure if you have been trying for awhile to time it right, but do you sacrifice pleasure for performance?

    How do you and your partner keep it fresh and stress free?? Post suggestions here...
  2. I'll go first:

    You know those cheesy sex board games you can get at Spencer's Gifts and other novelty shops... well they really help break the stress of making a baby and make you laugh and have fun with DH because they are SO FUNNY. DH brought one home years ago for Valentine's Day as sort of a joke (with a bunch of other things) and I dug it out from the back of the closet last night. We were both tired from the day and I knew if we sat on the couch neither of us were going to be in the mood to BD yet again. I was starting to stress that if we didn't do it last night then we were going to miss it again and then all those thoughts keep going around in my head until I am so tense that BD is NO FUN. :tdown:

    So this board game was actually quite innocent but made us focus on the things that get thrown out the window when trying to get pregnant for a few months, like seduction and intimacy. You just can't help but LYAO which totally takes the focus off the elephant in the room.

    Hope this helps!!
  3. I kept looking at the thread trying to figure out what a baby dance was...I thought maybe it was some new gymboree class or something...then I opened the thread and saw what it meant....what a dork I am! It's a wonder that I even have a kid :smile:
  4. ^ LOL. That's a stress relief reading your post AlohaGirl01. ;)
  5. Stress relief is the baby dancing itself!!! My SO and I genuinely love each other's company and he is extremely romantic. He LOVES to baby dance. It doesn't seem like a chore at all.:graucho:
  6. A great dinner with a good bottle of wine :graucho:
  7. :roflmfao: It does kind of sound like a jazzercize for babies. :roflmfao:
  8. Well there is always role playing, nice dinner with massages, watching xxx (if you are into that kind of stuff)...but I have a hard time relaxing. Too anxious.