Stresa or Alma?

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  1. So my birthday is coming in April and I'm deciding which bag I should get.. I'm thinking of either the azur stresa pm or the vernis alma pm in amarante. I tried them both on before and they're both lovely. I think that the stresa is more practical because it's bigger and I carry a good amount of stuff when I go to school(I'm currently using a totally mm for that). On the other hand, the vernis alma is so gorgeous. It just has that wow factor to it and it's still a decent size.

    What would you choose??
  2. Oh, that's a toughie. I plan (at some point) to get both the Alma (but in Epi) and the Stresa (probably mono if I don't end up with the Tivoli...if I do get the Tivoli, then I'll get Azur). Since spring/summer are coming up, maybe you should get the Stresa and hold off on the Alma until fall. I suppose that's my vote! Of course, I'm assuming you can get both at some point! LOL!
  3. LOL I hope so too! :graucho:
  4. Happy birthday!!Alma!!
  5. vernis alma for sure!!!!!!!
  6. Both are gorgeous, but get the the Alma first.
  7. Since you already have the NF and are using it, I would go for something totally different and get the Amarante Alma, it's such a gorgeous bag! Like another poster said, hopefully you can get the azur stressa at a later date! Happy Early Birthday and good luck with your decision!
  8. Alma!
  9. I like the alma so much better, so I vote for that. But for me it would come down to what is more practical and what you already have in your wardroom. If you are just starting to collect, I would probably choose whatever you would/could use the most! Good luck and happy birthday!
  10. alma, hands down!
  11. vernis alma for sure
  12. For those of you who are voting alma and own the alma, how much stuff can it hold?
  13. This is a thought one. Both are gorgeous! I have the Stresa in mono and the Amarante MM. But I got them on the same day, so it's hard to say wich one I would go for first. I couldn't make up my mind so DH said to get them both! Maybe the azur Stresa first with summer on it's way and later the Alma. But you really can't go wrong with either one of them. Good luck!
  14. Alma!
  15. I wish I can get them both on the same day, but I can't :Push:
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