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Stresa PM in Azur or Monogram

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Dec 4, 2010
I want to get a functional bag before the price increase. With help from dear tPFers, I settled on the Stresa PM. However, I am having a hard time choosing between the Azur and the Mono. I have one bag in mono, but do not own anything in Azur.

I think the Stresa Azur looks prettier when new, but am concerned with the patina since it got quite some leather trims. The patina will show up more with the Azur than the darker mono.

My SA showed me an old Azur bag (someone sent it in for repair), the white pattern clearly turned yellowish when compared to a brand new Azur. The white stich on the bag turned grey. I am very careful with my bags, but still don't like the dirty Azur look.

Owners of Azur bags, please share your thoughts. Thanks in advance!


Mar 27, 2009
Perth, Western Australia
I voted the Azur Stresa, it looks amazing with patina, honestly I think the bag the SA showed you might've not been well taken care of. You don't need to baby Azur but if you leave it in the sunlight all the time, yes it will yellow and the threads will fade... it's on my wishlist.
It comes down to whether you want the Mono, which is more knock-around or Azur, which I think has the 'wow' factor :smile:


Dec 27, 2011
I dont own any of azur, YET!! But i would choose the azure. I know that mono is more practical, but the azur is sooo gorgeous, i really really love it! :love: