Street to Work?

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  1. I don't care if it's too casual, lol. Here's how I wear mine for work :p. It's huge, I can so fit my laptop in there when I need to, hah, another excuse for work use...

    And daaaaang, more temptation came in the mail's the evidence :girlsigh:

    IMAGE_043_1.jpg IMAGE_041_1.jpg IMAGE_042_1.jpg RIMG0069.JPG
  2. Nicely done.
  3. It doesn't look all that bad combined with the LOVE scarf, I think you may have begun to convert me:p
  4. :graucho: Just a few more steps and you'll be on the right side of the Street!
  5. Stunning! :love:
  6. oh it looks gorgeous!!!
  7. :love: It's been getting the intended reactions, lol.
    "Isn't that one of those China plastic bags?" And I'll give my standard reply in a deliberate tone "Exactly".
    I feel like I'm in Seinfeld sometimes, lol...
  8. you look so cute! :heart:
  9. i don't see why the Street can't be a work bag... it looks perfect! im really loving your style ;)

    oh, i've already waitlisted for the Evidence in burgundy :nuts:
  10. It looks fantastic! I really love how it looks. I think it goes perfect with the Lvoe bandeau and your outfit.
  11. Thanks, rosemary, kuuipo and D! :flowers:
    Can't wait to see the Evidence :graucho:
  12. You have great taste....I think it looks fabulous!!! And can I just say I absolutely love your Epi Montaigne Sac....after I saw your pictures, it's my dream bag! I'm saving up for my b-day in December! :smile:
  13. It is beautiful.
  14. LOL! I like it in the gold!! It gives some sparkle to your outfit!! Very pretty with the scarf!
  15. It's fantastic! You must be so excited, congrats!