Street Smart

  1. Obvious title, hehe. I present to you, gorgeous brown boxes! :drool:
  2. You've probably guessed what's in the big brown one, so without further ado, here's my beloved Gold Street PM!
    RIMG0008.JPG RIMG0009.JPG RIMG0010.JPG
  3. Congratulations :smile:
  4. Now what's in the little brown boxes?
    I saw the LVOE phone charm quite a while ago, but I didn't love it that much. I guess it kinda grew on me, so I finally got it today :smile:


    My SA found this cute keychain when she went to get the LVOE phone charm. I guess this makes it the only MC piece I have, haha.


    Group shot :smile:


    And today's haul!
  5. Congrats!

    OH WOW, I absolutely adore the new MC keycharm :nuts:
  6. Congratulations! still not a big fan of those bags but the gold one does look 10 times better than the orange one.
    That's such a cute key chain! any info about it?
  7. Congrats.. we are street & LVOE twins:p Isn't the street just FAB:yahoo:
  8. Congrats! love your bag! It's so cool!
  9. Hmm, strangely there's no product booklet with it, but I'm guessing the proper name is Fleurs Multicolour Key Ring.
    Estimating from exchange rate, it's around 220USD :smile:

  10. Yay!!! Twins!!!!:yahoo: :smile: It is indeedy so faaab, I feeel chic walking down the street with it!

  11. Update!
    It was a difficult fit, but I still squeezed the MC Fleurs keyring onto the Street PM just to see how it'd look :p
    Oh. and have I mentioned how good the braided leather smells? :roflmfao:
    RIMG0017.JPG RIMG0020.JPG
  12. oooh congrats!!! i love the gold street much more than the orange.
  13. Congratulations on your new bag. ^_^ That new keychain is so cool!
  14. congrats!
  15. Ohhh it looks nice with the new MC keychain too ...I agree the braided leather has a very nice smell....the inside is just great too isn't it....:yes: