street salt stained purse...

  1. My friends mother...(really) driving her car, puts her purse on the floor, and her purse is now crusted with salt:yucky:. It appears that the leather absorbed it. Does anybody have any ideas on getting the salt stains out? My friend was thinking vinegar might work because she says that using it on leather shoes works. I am not sure about that:shrugs:. I was wondering if apple cleaner would do the trick. Anybody got any ideas:idea:? TIA
  2. I lived in upstate NY for awhile and the salt that they put on the streets in the winter would get on my leather shoes and stain them - vinegar would really help, but you had to let it air out for awhile after that or you'd smell like a salad for awhile. You might want to check out the Apple cleaner or try the Loving My Bags stuff.
  3. You cant, you might lighten it but its not going to come out. this is what happens when you dont take care of things.

    Perhaps get some wilsons leather cleaner and conditioner, give that a try if not take the bag to a leather shop see if they can do anything.
  4. Oh no! I couldn't imagine what I would do in such a predicament (?spelling)
  5. Maybe saddle soap ? and then apple conditioner?
  6. She lives in a part of Chicago, where you NEED to put your purse out of sight, due to BAD people breaking your window at stop lights to steal your purse right out of your front seat. She places it on the floor near her leg where it can be out of sight and safe. It is not a matter of her not taking care of it.
  7. Thanks everyone...I do think that she is going to go ahead and try the apple cleaner...she has nothing to lose...
  8. I got some salt on my gloves by shutting the door and when I am in between cars it is really difficult not to brush up against the salt on a car.

    I agree if the purse CAN be moisturized then she should test a small portion to see if it comes out.