Street PM?

  1. Well I'm almost to my two year anni with the GF, and was planning a gift for her. She has been eyeing the Street PM for a little while now. I was just trying to get some opinions from the girls possibly. All her LV stuff has been bought by me, so I just like to make the right decisions. Anyways she currently has the following, to give you an idea of what she likes:

    Black Lambskin Rivette
    Fuchsia Perfo Speedy and Pochette
    Denim Speedy Case GM

    Just looking for some opinion as to what she might like besides the Street PM. BTW she's 20 and 5'4, so not looking for a BIG bag and not something too "old".

    Off topic, but why do they change their return policy so often? Three months ago it was a exchange/store credit only within 14 days. Now its full refund iwithin 14 days.
  2. if she's been eyeing the street go for that one you know already see likes it, it's a limited bag (and judging from her collection that's what she likes) and it's very different from the bags she already has and the bags you see around on people.
  3. I think the Gold Street PM would be great for her! It's something unique and yet so chic. I like the gold better better than the red.
  4. ^me too
  5. Just out of curiosity, the name of this specific line is Braided Leather correct? If I am, I was just wondering why the SA's don't seem to know it by this name, nor when I mention it as the Street PM? I would think that SA's working in the SF Boutique should be pretty knowledgeable about the their line. Anyhow, thank you guys for your quick replies. I hope to get this bag for her within the next week, and will surely post pictures.
  6. The street PM in gold is stunning. I very nearly bought it, but resisted. I still love it tho! You should buy her that!
  7. good luck on your purchase. i too have the same problem at the union square store, they don't have much info imo. try calling stanford, they seem to have more info.
  8. Get her what she wants...go for the Street!! It's cute!!
  9. From what you've said she would love the Street PM. I love this bag in the gold colour.