Street PM

  1. ooh that is cute (must resist!) I agree gold will be better but the price isn't bad too considering how much Eboutique usually tag on!
  2. I know it will be soo cute in gold the inside of it:heart: Now I need to do is wait some more...wait some more...wait some more and WAIT some more to see when/IF my store will receive it......NONE of the love, street, olympe have been launched here yet .. they are now saying another 2 weeks:rolleyes:
  3. WOW Australia is slow getting things poor you, you must be going crazy with the wait it! The inside is nice so many pockets! I wish the LVoe was a little more like that
  4. I love that bag, its so unique. :heart:
  5. I know I can't recall S/S items being so late to arrive here???? I can't wait to see it IRL:yahoo:
  6. Gonna take a pass on this- have I mentioned how much white scares me?
  7. You're not alone with liking this bag after all Shalomjude! :p
  8. Ahhh... EFFING HOT BAG... the red one was at the boutique on Thursday when I went to pick up my tee... loved it, but not in red! I put my name down for the brown/gold.
  9. :drool: I really like it!! I love how the leather is weaved in there!!!
  10. Hmm. It's not for me.
  11. same here
  12. Yeah, it's okay. I am not planning on getting one. It's better IRL than in pictures though!
  13. Can't wait to see pics of the gold/brown combo!:nuts:
    Good luck Shalom, I hope you don't have to wait too much longer!:sweatdrop: