Street 101 - Reveal! - Anthra 09 SGH

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  1. Meet Ms. Street Anthra 09 SGH!

    Specs: 12" x 12" x 6" depth - holds a ton!
    Shoulder drop: 6 - 7" smooshy top. fits comfortably on my chubby arms.

    Without further ado....

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  2. I love it! Congrats! It looks really cute. Does it come with RH?
  3. Part Two

    Pardon the houseclothes. too tired to change. i had a hot & humid & tiring day out.

    Verdict: simply THE best bal bag for me!!!! the size is very roomy for travel.
    which is why i chose Anthra. When I was there there was raisin, tempete & ciel available. the black was already taken but I'm really a gray girl at heart.

    hope this helps all those who are interested in this simply wonderful bal bag!!!

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  4. yes Saff - it comes with RH. when i was at the Bal store there was a Black one which I feel was too masculine. There was also a pommier available. Didn't ask about the other colors anymore.
  5. omg yay!!! what a gorgeous anthra sgh street! thanks for the modeling pics
  6. What was the $$?
  7. i got it for almost US$2,000 including taxes
  8. Wow BL, that bag is fabulous. It's like the little sister to my tempete SGH office! Congrats!
  9. thanks, juldoc. I saw your gorgeous tempete! a Street Tempete was also there when i went to the bal store but I feel the Anthra was more practical for traveling although I can't stop thinking about the tempete.

    How big is the Office? I was told the office will come next week but I couldn't wait as i will be going back home so I just grabbed the Street. Besides, I feel the Street is enough for me.

    i think it's pronounced tem-pah? or was it tem-paht?
  10. The Office is about 16"W x 14"H x 6"D with a 7-8" handle drop. BIG but super slouchy and softening quickly, so it doesn't look HUGE! It was $1825.
  11. Very nice. Many congrats, baileylab.



  12. This is lovely! Reminds me of the Mini Bowling (but it wasn't mini in any way) that has been discontinued.
  13. Thanks Juldoc!

    Thanks Livia1 for enlarging my pics!
  14. That is beautiful on you! Congrats on your awesome purchase!
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    Last edited: Jun 21, 2009
    OMG! Another bag on the wishlist!
    I missed out on the mini bowling and this bag is sooooo perfect!
    Congrats on your beautiful bag. Thank you for posting!