Strawberry Louis Vuitton? Count me OUT.

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  1. That's a big fake.

    The strawberries on the earrings were part of a cruise collection.. some years back, I don't exactly remember how many. I think they had them on the bracelets as well ?
  2. I bet that line was so cute... gosh, I wonder why you don't see more of those on Ebay.
  3. Yeh, may have to call my SA about this one.
  4. haha, totally pass! i thought having cherries on the monogram was pushing it! hehehe!
  5. Ugh, please!

    Here are the REAL fraises from the Cruise collection. I ended up selling these for much more than I bought them from Eluxury. They were too heavy on my ears. Lovely, though!

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  6. Love the earrings!!
  7. CUTE! Wish they have that in real collection. I kinda like it.

    I *LOVE* the earrings too.. even though i don't have pierced ears.. ha ha :biggrin: :biggrin:
  8. The fake one is TOO FUNNY! Make me think about some Barbie's dresses.
  9. And yet again, the novice Ebayers bid on sad.
  10. That is hilarious.
  11. Yeah, check out the OTHER lovely LV things he/she has got for sale!!!:sick: :wacko:
  12. Wow, those earrings are too cute! The wallet on the other hand...:weird:
  13. OMG!! I am new to this site and trying to get familiar with all the different types of purses. I am a true Dooney & Burke fan! They are the the most expensive purse I can afford at this time. I dream of being able to own a LV someday. I can't believe the fakes this seller is passing off as real. I am a true novice and I can tell they are not real. How sad for the fool that buys them thinking they are real. :biggrin: You ladies are great! I can't wait to get to know you all more thru this site!
  14. The earrings are cute! The wallet is just too funny. LOL