Strawberry Hemangioma Birth Mark - Any other babies/kids have them?

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  1. Hi - My DD was born with two strawberries, one on her head the size of a dime and the other on her shoulder which is fairly larger and looks like a butterfly:biggrin:.

    Since she has gotten bigger (now 2 months old), they have gotten bigger as well. The doctor seems to think everything is fine and according to the web they do get larger in the first year and then decrease in size. Some disappear by the age of 9.

    I'm curious of your experiences with your children? How long does it take to go away? Did it get bigger over time? Cause any complications? Did you have it removed? Did you see a dermatologist?

    I've attached a picture of my sweetie (1 month old in this shot). Wow - I was just about to load this picture and noticed how much smaller the mark is here compared it's size today (makes me worried). :sad:


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  2. My youngest son, who is now 5 was born with one on his forearm. At least, I think it's the same thing you are talking about. It has grown with him and covers a large portion of his forearm. It has never caused any sort of problem, and I don't plan on trying to have it removed. It did bother me when he was a baby, but as he's grown, it's just become a part of who he is. The pedi told me that it would likely fade over the years, but I have a cousin who has one on her leg that never went away, so I don't know if that is always the case.

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  3. I know that they can resolve on their own but they can also increase in size. I was at one seminar for laser therapy and they were showing several case studies where they were significantly reduced via laser therapy (the seminar was an Erchonia one - maybe if you contacted their website, they might have a list of local docs with the equipment).
  4. My daughter has a small one on the back of her head almost at the base of her neck. It was fairly visible when she was an infant because she was pretty bald until she was about 2 years-old. Now that she is older, it is covered completely by her hair. I have noticed that it grew with her and it is now a speckling of large red dots/patches.
  5. I have one on my right leg, its fairly large and splotchy but has never bothered me. It has also grown with me. Though it does attract attention in the summer, I always get from people, "What happened to your leg? Did you burn yourself?"

    My DS who's 2 also has a Mongolian spot that is blue-ish on his left arm, and its a perfect circle!
  6. my 5 month old ds has the same "type" in the same location, forearm....we are going to see a dermitologist next month to have it checked out. we may consider laser removal, it's pretty prominent and has areas that are redder & "raised" only other concern if they tell us that he is medically ok is that he will get made fun of b/c of it as he gets older. it breaks my heart to think about that.
  7. Yeah, I have thought about that too, and it is heartbreaking to think about. My son hasn't had any issues with friends commenting on it yet, but as he gets older, if it becomes a source of pain for him we will definitely look at laser removal. The thing is though, that so many kids have birthmarks of some sort, I don't *anticipate* it to be an issue. But if it ever is, we will definitely address it.

    His isn't raised at all, but I had one when I was a kid that was. It was on the back of my neck where my neck meets my shoulder. It looked like a hickey. Eventually it went away, but not until I was an adult. Wierd.

    The funny thing about his is that when he is cold, it turns almost purple. And then other times, it's very faint and not really all that noticeable at all.
  8. My dd has one on the back of her neck. I think it was darker at birth than it is now, but being at the nape of her neck I hardly notice it.
  9. Hmm...I thought my DD's strawberry looked purple around the edges the other night. Both of her's are raised and the one on the shoulder can feel warm to the touch.

    Thanks for everyone's reponses so far - they are helpful and comforting. :smile:
  10. A friend of mines daughter was born with a large strawberry nevis on her face which as a baby was quite large...Now at 9 years it is all but gone just as the Dr's told her it would....I think your little girls looks the same and I bet one day you will forget it was once there...!
  11. Emily has one on her chin, it is a little bigger than the size of a pencil eraser and raised. DH's sister has one in the exact same spot. Her's faded by the time she was about 9 and you can barely see it.

    We have decided to leave Emily's alone for quite awhile and let nature take it's course. Later if it is still prominent we will see about getting it lasered. Everything I have read and doctors I have spoken to say it's much better to wait. We just changed health insurance, so Emily saw a new pediatrician last week. She said she was so glad we are happy to wait. that she had one patient that her parents insisted it laser early and now they were dealing with serious scar tissue.

    ETA: you can see Emily's in her picture in my avatar.
  12. I was born with it on my forehead, it was about as big as a 25c coin, my parents wanted to have it removed but since it wasn't an immediate danger, they left it (thank god). I've noticed a few years back that it started to vanish, and you can barely see it now. I never put make up on it or so, and it just seemd to "disappear" all over sudden after about 18+- years?! I even forget i had it sometimes... but yes- it does go away in some cases (like mine)
  14. k-kay has one on her's raised though and very red. her ped said it's blood vessels that are growing on the outside of her skin...he said that hers can bleed if it gets irritated or messed with for too long [clothes rubbing it] but so far nothing like that has happened. he said that it will continue to grow with her and once it stops growing it will take as many years as it did to grow to go away. so hopefully hers will be completely gone at some point in time.
  15. Sounds very similar to Jenna's. How big is it? Can you post a pic?