Strawberry Charm

  1. Very Cute.. I know it is available in the US and from JAX or eBay. HTH! :tup:
  2. what is JAX? and I haven't seen it on eBay =[! I've been searching!
  3. Sorry JAX is Jacksonville where the warehouse is.. that is where you call coach and order the items from. :yes:
  4. too bad I live in Canada =[! sighhh we only have 3 Coach stores where I live. and they're all frustrating! Sherway doesn't carry everything, Eaton's Centre seems to be sold out of the colours I want often and Yorkdale has the ****tiest customer service ever. (From my experience with Yorkdale anyway)

  5. ships to Canada right??

    are you sure they won't ship if you call in an order? I doesn't make sense that they will online but not on the phone:shrugs:

    Also... if you go to the store with the item number they should be able to order it for you!!
  6. hmm I'll try going into the store. Hopefully they'll serve me this time =[! Thanks for the tips!

    By the way, does anyone if this has ever been released in the US/Canadian stores? or even on the site last year?
  7. it is on the Japan coach site right now and has not been released the US/Canada yet, but you can order it! Just go in there and tell them you want to order something.. give them the number and there shouldn't be a problem (unless for some reason CA coach can't do this)! Make them work for you :lol:

    The item number is 92256 Good Luck!!!!
  8. I love this strawberry charm, but an SA I talked to at Ala Moana said they weren't getting them in because it was nowhere in their keyfob/charm book. She didn't think it existed (but didn't doubt me when I said it does)... I know I can order it through JAX, but the shipping to Hawaii is retarded and I don't really feel like having it sent to a friend and have her send it to me...

    I hope you get one!!
  9. I own this charm and it is lovely. Go to your Coach store and see if you can order it.
  10. Yes but you are charged a shipping fee on top of the shipping cost.
    I enquired about the brass script heart and by the time it ended up at my door i would have paid almost 70$ for it.
  11. I think i'll be calling them today .. and see if it can be order through my local retailer.
  12. If you tell your SA the item# they should be able to order it for you.. and you can even have it delivered to that store if you want. :tup:
  13. I was told this isnt aval anymore...
  14. just got off the JX and they have NONE
    Dis/center .. has 4..

    i'm just ordering one now ... 20$ for shipping and 1.95 duty charge plus item 55.90 USD