Straw Wristlet

  1. Hi, I had a catologue but I threw it out so I wouldn't be tempted. I thought I saw a straw wristlet but haven't seen it on the web site. Does any one have any info or pics of this. I was going to get the bag, but after hearing about the stiffness I think I will pass. Any information would be appreciated.
  2. Yes, there is a straw wristlet that will not be available until April. It will be mine as soon as it drops. I think that it's adorable!
  3. I saw the straw wristlet too and thought it would be a fun little summer wristlet to wear all by itself. I wonder if we can order them now.
  4. I found the order #40433, it costs $168. I'd like to at least see a few more pics before I order.