Straw fedoras

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  1. I'd like to know too. Damn things are surprisingly hard to find.
  2. My husband is sucker for straw fedoras, and he orders them from a hat maker... A bit expensive (and totally not worth it if you ask me) Better get the ones from Urban Outfitters.
  3. I like that fedora. I'm not sure where to get a lighter one. I know Hat Attack makes nice ones too!
  4. I know!! It's kind of ridiculous! haha Unless you wanna pay for a custom made hat, which I don't think I can justify!!
  5. Check out

    I bought a straw fedora very similar to a Eugenia Kim style for $28.00! It's impeccably made and looks more expensive than it is!
  6. :huh::huh:o yay, thanks!! I see one I want now, but don't have a measuring tape to measure my head. LoL
  7. I bought a light version in-store at Urban I think at the end of June. Can you go to a b&m and see if they still have them?