Straw Coach tote ruining my clothes

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  1. Sadly I've noticed that every time I wear my straw coach bag it ruins my summer cotton jersey dresses. My clothes start piling (balling up) on the left side, where I carry my bag.

    The tags are off, and I purchased this last month. Is there a chance I can exchange this for something else?
  2. Nope. Ebay it. You cannot return a used bag for the reason you are giving.
  3. i feel your pain. i have the straw box tote bag with metallic green trim. i break it out every year for easter and every year i forget and usually wear some type of knit that gets full of pilling on the left side. i usually only wear it for about a week and this is one of the reasons.
  4. IMHO if a defect of the bag is damaging your clothing like a cheese grater, it's not worth keeping due to no fault of yours or because of any apparent misuse... it's not as if you are returning it on whim because it doesn't suit you, it's ruining your clothes... when i purchased a small straw clutch, the SA informed me that it was delicate and prone to getting pulls... if that bag gets a snagged straw, i won't go rushing back to return it because i understand the nature of the textile... however, if that delicate little gem starts shredding my clothes, i promise i will ship it back from whence it came... take in the bag, take in the clothes and ask for help... the worse they can say is, no but at least you will have tried to resolve the problem with the folks that created it
  5. IMHO this is not a defect in the bag. Due to the nature of straw, it will probably end up pulling some and therefore may end up snagging on delicate fabrics. I avoid wearing any type of cotton jersey when I'm carrying my straw tote. If you do take it in, don't be surprised if they tell you it's unreturnable.
  6. Definitely try to return it. It's up to the store whether or not they'll take it back or not. I agree, all they can say is no.

    If they won't take it back, sell it or just wear it on your arm like a satchel when you carry it. That's what I do with my straw bag.
  7. The bag is not returnable. With straw bags you have to be conscious of how you are carrying it to prolong the life of the bag, and your clothing.
  8. I have one straw tote and can't imagine giving it up because every collection needs at least one :P
    My suggestion would be to use it as a satchel like another poster suggested to protect your clothes and the bag itself. If that doesn't work you, I'd say to e*bay it or pass it on to a friend :yes:
  9. ITA! I think they should take it back!
  10. :tup: Well said, ITA
  11. :goodpost:
  12. You can try.. I do not think they will take it back but it never hurts... You can not keep a bag that is ruining your outfits.
  13. UPDATE

    I went to the store, and explained the situation. She said they normally do not take used bags back. However she said just this once she would be willing to do a refund, but only with a store credit....

    Now I have to figure out what is next on my list...
  14. Oh good! That is great news! I was going to vote for taking it back!
  15. I'm happy for you! Let us know what you replace it with.