Straw/beach bag?

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  1. I purchased the Coach Millie straw bag...but am not in love with it. I need a big beachy bag that will hold a large camera and other things while on beach vacations.
    any other ideas?
  2. When I go to the beach/poolside or on vacation, I bring something cheap from Old Navy or Target. If it gets splashed on, sandy, or some suncreen spills in it, it won't bother me.
  3. how about a tano great quality for less money.
    photos from must have bag
  4. I know this isn't straw but i really think this is an awsome beach bag! its juicy and it even comes with a mat to lay on. i think it comes in white and pink, im not sure what else. i hope this helps... :yes:

  5. I have a Felix Rey straw tote which I just love! It's from 2006 so I'm not sure what is coming out similar this season, but it's soooo much fun and is lined in yellow fabric with white polka dots with an inner zip pocket.
    felix rey.jpg