Straw Baskets at the OULETS!

  1. Hey everyone, I took a trip to the outlet today and to my surprise....they already had my straw bag!!(the one in my signature). Ill admit, I was a little :censor: off since Ive only had my bag for less then 2 months, but hey...what can ya do?!
    They also had a few of the smaller ones and also the plain colored ones(forgive me, I dont know the names). So...if you ever wanted one, and you have an outlet near you...stop by and see what they got!
  2. How much were they?
  3. Regular Coach price but 20% off.
  4. outlet had one a few weeks was actually marked down a lot...but I'd already bought three bags that new furniture and a ton of other I wouldn't let myself buy it!
  5. I saw the large version for $170 at the outlet and the small one for $200 (guy couldn't figure out why the big one was cheaper)
  6. Wow, that's a great price! ^
  7. Yeah, I have seen several straw bags at the outlets in Cali and Vegas a couple of weeks ago, didn't look at the price though
  8. I'm going to the outlet in Indiana tomorrow. I'll be on the lookout for one.
  9. I actually saw those the day after memorial day at the outlets for like $130-160. They had the additional 30% off clearance prices then. They have been there awhile.
  10. I noticed these in the Vegas outlets when I was there three weeks ago.
  11. Are you talking about these two? The first one is a department store version and is smaller than the one offered on or boutiques. I got 25% off so I paid $225, regularly $298. The green one I got for $120 at the outlet, regularly $268. I can't figure out where I will use the multistripe one - it is a little bulkier because it does not close or flex. I actually tried to take it back because I could not figure out what to do with it and the lady offered to take off 25% if I would keep it!
    basket.jpg IMG_3674.JPG
  12. Anyone else have a straw basket? Pics?
  13. ^^^I'm not a fan of the straw ones (for myself). ONline it looked like all of the trim is leather but irl it's fabric. But, gettingpurseonal, I really like your multistripe one a lot! i like the green one too for the price! They're both really cute. I'm sure you'll think of a way to use your multistripe one.
  14. That green one if tdf!!! I think I might try to find one!!
  15. The trim on the green is part leather, part fabric. That would have been nice if it had been all leather. I do still like it a lot though. The legacy stripe one is all leather and suede trim. Thanks, Kristabelle33.