Straw basket finally here!! + PCE pictures + Updated Picture of Collection

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  1. I went to my local boutique for the PCE last saturday. I bought the leather satchel, fragrance print scarf, soho french wallet, and a set of leather cleaners. Then I inquired about possibly using my PCE discount for the straw basket. But, I got DENIED. Anyways,the greatest BF in the world felt bad that I couldnt get it so he bought it for me :yahoo: . He's a keeper. (He got himself a leather toiletry case and a new wallet) So it finally arrived in my house today and it looks bigger in real life. I LOVE IT. And I used my satchel at school today, and got lots of compliments. THe camel color really looks good in the sun (specially with the pink contrast)

    So here's the picture of what I got from the PCE

    And here's a picture of my updated collection (minus the legacy stick umbrella, cuz its in my mom's car)

    I CANT STOP BUYING!!:drool: I need help. TPF should set up a coach addict hotline. Seriously.
  2. Your straw bag is gorgous! Your collection is awsome! Wow what pretty bags you have!!
  3. I love your collection. It's awesome :woohoo:
  4. You have a beautiful collection!
  5. Cameelio, the white patent coin purse looks HOT on your straw bag. Nice collection!!

    Pamajama, funny smiley! I've never seen that one before - must be new! I think this is new, too!
  6. Thanks guys. :smile: I love it too (hehe) But after seeing my collection, I really think that I should go on a ban. Maybe until November, or the next PCE event :sweatdrop:

    Mokoni - that wave emoticon is really cute.
  7. What a beautiful family! You have great taste :yes: I love the straw tote with the white - so classy.
  8. Your collection is very well put together. Enjoy all of your new buys.
  9. LOVE the straw tote.. I'm eyeballing it in green but I think it's probably just too big.. but that doesn't stop me from loving it :smile:
  10. congrats!!
  11. hello all. I'm new to this forum, just found it yesterday.

    I feel dumb asking this, but how did you get the straw bag? I want it, but in the catalog it says it's not available until April.
    I live nowhere near a coach store. I only have Dillards and Von Maur. I feel like I'm
  12. everything is GORGEOUS!!!! all of your new stuff is making me :drool:

    bethann, if you call up coach (the #s on the website) and give them the item number, I believe they can ship it now. welcome btw!!
  13. o0o, thanks so much gals!:p
  14. The bag on the right is so cute!!! (Sorry- I am not too familiar with Coach)