straw bags

  1. So i was playing with the website this morning, and I typed in limited, and this huge straw bag with different colored tags appeared (along with the patent coin purse, and watch). But you cant order it online. So if anyone is interested for a really big straw bag this summer they have it for $698.

    Then I typed in "straw" and this cute little thing appeared.
    Coach - STRAW BASKET

    Now that's something I can afford. White looks really good. What do you guys think?
  2. i love the straw basket, it'll be perfect for my beach trips! i won't get it until april or so (when it actually comes out in stores) so i can see it in person. plus, if i get it any sooner, i'd want to use it asap, which would look a little silly...

    i'm planning on getting the green!
  3. I was eyeing the green too. How cute would the watermelon charm be hanging off of it???
  4. LOVE the watermelon charm!!!
  5. Wow!! I really like that bag, quite an upgrade from the straw "Esprit" bag I had when I was 17!!! :graucho: I had given up on straw bags, because I thought they looked too young - but that is perfect!!!
  6. its cute and definately perfect for summer!
  7. I really like that straw bag in white. It is crisp and clean for the Summer.
    The price is quite affordable as well. I just might have to buy this one.
  8. i looooove it! i think id get it in the brown. but the green would be perfect with the watermelon charm!!!! hmm....maybe ill change my mind now...
  9. I love that one with the brown trim. I would definitely get that. It looks like it's pretty roomy, too.
  10. my SA at the boutique showed me the pic of them on monday. i do like the white a lot. very summer-y...
  11. Oh, God, I had forgotten about those!

    Remember when Esprit bags were considered expensive? :smile:
  12. I get a bonus from work in about 3 weeks and I am getting the green bag with a matching scraf and charm , I already have the pink w/butterfly from 2004 and the shimmery pink from 2005
    I need to have that green one:yahoo:
  13. Love the green one. I can't wait to see this in person.
  14. i think its adorable, but i wouldnt know how to match my clothes with it.