Straw bags... what do you like?

  1. I'm crossing my fingers, hoping summer is on the way. Have you found any that you have your eye on?? How about this one from Juicy?

  2. That's really cute.
  3. That is cute! :smile:
  4. Nice-looking bag.

    What do you think of these?
    The Sak Tilly Shopper - multi $69
    Shiraleah woven bamboo tote - $42
    Straw Studios small rattan and leather satchel $79-99 (special offer)

    This purse is tiny:
    Franchi Marta Raffia top handle - $118-95
    Franchi Emily Raffia clutch - $126-95
    This has a drop-in shoulder chain.
    Franchi Marta Raffia clutch - $126-95
    This also has a drop-in shoulder chain.

    Selection from Coldwater Creek:
    Flat-braid cornhusk purse - $14-99
    Jeweled hobo bag - $49
    Fiesta tote - $45
  5. That juicy straw tote is defintely cute. It could be on my want list.
  6. i've never actually owned a strawbag and haven't really been interested in one either.. I've seen some cute ones though.