Straw bag rehab reveal - I'm ready for next summer!

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  1. I picked up a Legacy Straw Tote 113, made in China in 2005, at the thrift store for $22.50. The interior of the bag was clean but the exterior was dingy although you can't really tell that from the pictures.

    The major problems were that it was seriously bent out of shape and there were some areas of damage to the gold metallic leather trim. It looked like someone had splashed ketsup on the front pocket flap, and on the handle in a couple of spots, and never cleaned it off.

    I had never rehabbed a straw bag before but I figured that I would have to dunk it in order to get it clean and to reshape it. I gave it a bath in Ivory suds in the sink and I was surprised to see just how dirty it really was, the water turned very gray. Then I rinsed it and stuffed it with towels to reshape it while it dried.

    Here are the before pics, I will show the after pics next.
    LegacyStrawTote002.jpg LegacyStrawTote003.jpg LegacyStrawTote004.jpg LegacyStrawTote006.jpg LegacyStrawTote009.jpg
  2. Doesn't look too bad but can't wait to see your after pics. I have this bag with black trim - great summer bag!
  3. Here are the after pics, I didn't polish the hardware because I think it is supposed to have an antique finish. Cleaning the bag and reshaping was easy but fixing the damaged spots on the leather was a bit more challenging. I will show pics of that process next.
    LegacyStrawToteFinal001.jpg LegacyStrawToteFinal007.jpg LegacyStrawToteFinal005.jpg LegacyStrawToteFinal008.jpg LegacyStrawToteFinal009.jpg
  4. Very Cute Straw Tote!!!!
    Another Awesome Rehab!!!!!
    You seem to find all the great deals!!!

    Lynne :biggrin:
  5. The first pic shows a closeup of the "ketsup splash" on the front and there were a couple of similar spots on the handles. The second pic was after the bag was washed and dried. It looks better but the damage is still very visible. I tried covering with metallic acrylic paint but I couldn't cover the dark damaged spots and still match the light gold color of the leather.

    Whateve suggested touching up the spots with white acrylic paint first, letting it dry and then applying the metallic paint and that worked very well. The next 2 pics (with and without flash) are after the final touch-ups were completed. There are still a few areas with minor scuffs, like the front buckle as shown in the last pic, but I have decided to leave well-enough alone. I am happy with the way it looks now.
    LegacyStrawTote013.jpg LegacyStrawToteAfter004.jpg LegacyStrawToteFinal003.jpg LegacyStrawToteFinal004.jpg LegacyStrawToteFinal011.jpg
  6. Wow, it looks awesome. Not surprised, coming from you! You're very talented and I admire your work!
  7. I've seen the black trim version, it's gorgeous! I am looking forward to carrying mine next summer!
  8. Amazing! she's definitely summer ready now. So glad that you saved her :smile:
  9. Thanks, but it helps when you start out with good raw materials and can call upon the advice of your fellow-rehabbing buddies!
  10. Looks GREAT!! Great job Kate!
  11. Katev. Woman u r the rehab queen. Always great wrk
  12. Thanks so much! But my secret is that I only ever reveal my successes - you never get to see the failures in my "reject pile"!
  13. Thanks, I am glad that I was able to restore her, such a pretty and fun bag!
  14. Wow.....amazing job! It turned out beautiful!
  15. Whoa!!! What an excellent job!