Straw 10728

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  1. My DH is cute like that too, I'll tell him how much something is and he will get away from it like it's on fire..haha.

    Then when I get near anything glass, like the glass aisle in Tj's, he tells me to step away slowly before I cause mass destruction. :Push:
  2. Saw it at the outlet this weekend- very cute bag!!
  3. Bought a green one this weekend for 149 + 20% off.
    I think I may return it because it's not practical...but at that price...
  4. Why isn't it practical? What is the size like? Darn, I wish I lived closer to an outlt!!!!
  5. Uhoh! That is why when I have a big bag I steer clear of the breakables. One time I broke something in a hotchkeys (sp?) store with my backpack and my Dad had to pay for it. No good.
  6. ^^ Go Court! :jammin: