Straw 10728

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  1. I know, I know, I should have gotten it when it came out, but I'm a slow poke, and now I am completely in love with this bag!! What was the original price and what colors did it come in? I read here that someone got it at an outlet, but that's not practical for me, so hoping for another option....other than ebay.

  2. I know what you mean!! I was looking through some catalogs last night and decided that I now want the green one. The original retail was $258, and I know it came in the white, green, and brown....not remembering any other colors.
  3. ^^ That's all correct :smile: Grass, white, and brown were the colours and it was originally $258. We consolidated them a week or two ago. They've been sent to the outlets now so you will be seeing them on EBay soon.
  4. There may be some still at Macy's if you don't want to do eBay...I think I saw a white one last week.

    How much are they going for at the outlets?
  5. It was 149 plus 20% off at the outlet today!
  6. are you sure you don't want to do ebay? two of my favorite sellers who I have bought a bunch from have that one for sale right now.
  7. the outlet had them for like 119 or something this weekend
  8. hmm i thought they also had orange? maybe i'm thinking of something else?
  9. the orange one is limited edition and 998 bucks lol
  10. Great deal!

    That's like 1/2 off the original price!:yes:
  11. yeah there was a couple of them... nobody was really buying them
  12. I got a green one for $119 & thought I was going to pass out from happiness...haha. I almost paid full price for it when it first came out. Thank goodness I waited.
  13. I know, right! My BF touched it yesterday on the display. I hissed, "Do not touch that bag it costs almost 1k." BF ran away from the bag. lol.

    TO THE OP: White straw at the Macy's in Hearld Square yesterday; I also saw the multi-stripe one (with the pocket on the front) at I believe Lord and Taylor and the Coach store on 57th and 5th.

    ALSO, speaking of straw bags, I saw the one with all the Coach tags on it yesterday. That is a HUGE bag. The new clear totes are very large too.

    Happy Shopping!
  14. They're hitting ebay now... love the green one and almost bought it when it came out!