stratus pm vs. nimbus

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  1. so I have over $1600 worth of store gift cards from Neimans and was planning on going to both my local Neimans this weekend with the intent of getting either the nimbus or the stratus pm. ( cant find the stratus gm)... both bags are cute in there own respect. I believe the SA told me the nimbus was $2550.00 and the stratus $2400.00, please correct me if im wrong.

    seems like the nimbus is more bag for the buck.. but which bag do you guys prefer? which is better looking, stylish etc etc.

    I just need opinions that will sway me in one way or another.
    Both the nimbus and stratus have been sitting in my Neimans for awhile now and its about time I took one of them home, esp since more then half the bag is being paid for by gift cards :p
  2. Nimbus, I prefer the style of it especially. The "hardware" on the Stratus I still haven't quite warmed up to, but that's just my opinion on it.
  3. I say the nimbus, I love mine, its a great bag. It really holds so much stuff in it and is so easy to wear/comfortable on my shoulder for hours at a time. I never tried on the stratus because I loved the nimbus from day one, but the two soulder straps always looked a little bulky to me seeing that they are pretty big to begin with. However, both are beautiful bags and I'm sure whatever you pick you will love!!
  4. I like the Stratus PM, it's not too big for me (concerning my 5'3" frame). The Nimbus looks cute, but giantic and because the shoulder strap couldn't adjusted, when you load all you stuffs in the bag, it will make the bag look strange (for the hobo shape).

    You should try them on first and then decide which one you like the most (don't forget to try to load all your stuffs in, to get the idea of what will look like). If I were you (and like to get the Nimbus), I will go for PM.

  5. I think the Stratus is prettier...
  6. i like the Stratus better! Classic shape!!
  7. stratus PM, love the shape of it! I think the numbus isn't really practical to put stuf in and out.
  8. Nimbus! I really don't like the plastic on the Stratus handles.
  9. I love the Stratus!
  10. Style-wise, I like the Nimbus. Size-wise, I like the Stratus PM (since Nimbus PM isn't out yet) I like how the Nimbus is a single strap and doesn't have as much chunky hardware as the Stratus...IMO the double twisted straps on the Stratus makes it look too bulky...
  11. this isn't my fav line, but I prefer the Stratus
  12. I like the Nimbus!
  13. def Stratus!!!

    i just LOOOOOOOOOOVE :heart::heart: mine!!! i get more and more compliment on this bag than any other bag i've ever owned!!!!
  14. ^^ second that!
    I love my Stratus! So cute and the perfect size!
  15. I like the nimbus!