Stratus PM vs. GM

  1. The nearest LV store doesn't have PM right now. I'm very curious of the size comparing to the GM - I love the bags but GM is too big for me frame. Wonder if anyone has these bags and can do a modeling? :nuts:
  2. I saw the GM in the store yesterday...that thing was HUGE!!! Really big.
  3. you might want to check the olympe thread in the clubhouse section. i believe a member has both sizes.
  4. Thank you Caley. I found the thread. Now I'm totally drooling at the PM :heart:
  5. I've only tried on the's massive...but gorgeous!

  6. no problem! :smile: i totally love the PM. if only it didn't cost so much lol.
  7. The GM is better, seriously.
    I'm going to post photos of both in a few mins.
    You can compare & such.

    I think we're going to sell ours though. =/
    I fell in love with a Jet Ski.
  8. I want a GM so bad!!!
  9. It is big but so heavenly!!!!
  10. Couldn't get photos of the PM, we wrapped it back up.
    My mom is going to sell it.
    But, I got to take some photos with my GM. Just for size referance. I'm around 5'5''.

    Here it is taking a nap :

    Here it is on me :
  11. hold out for the pm, and keep searching!
  12. OMG...GM looks so hugh!

    but, super gorgeous!!!
  13. Wow, the GM is really big! Looks fabulous on you Lolly! Thanks for modeling! I'm so in love with the Stratus, both GM and PM are gorgeous!! Right now I'm considering a PM since I'm not very tall.

    Good luck with Jetski hunting :drool:
  14. Lolly-fantastic bag, looks great on you
  15. I'd definitely get the GM over PM... I find the PM a bit too small. :s