Stratus PM Sightings...Let me Know

  1. Hi all,

    Well I'm starting this thread to drive myself insane.
    I am buying the Stratus PM (either Ecru or Beige...I'm not picky) in August. I wish I had the funds right now...but alas...I don't. torture myself I would appreciate if you could post here if you see any Stratus PM in your store within the USA. You don't have to list your store...just that you saw one...that way I know they are still around!!!
  2. Hi Twiggers,
    I'm in California and usually go to the boutique in Union Square.
    I saw it in Ecru a few weeks ago. Don't know it it's still around.

    And during my uneventful trip to Palo Alto this weekend, I saw it there as well. :graucho:
  3. Thanks!!! My hope is that people will still be posting in August that they are seeing them LOL!
    I need people to get preoccupied with Miroir Lockit, black Denim, etc. and forget about the cloud bags! LOL
  4. Okay twiggs, I will send non-cloud buying vibes to everyone I know so there will be one for you in August! Honestly though, I think there will still be a few around, the price tag has made them slower to sell. I love mine and you will love yours too, I am certain you will get one!
  5. Thanks panda! My SA & I were discussing this too....and he thinks that because of how much stuff that came out things are selling slower...and with the onslaught of F/W stuff beginning in July, the S/S stuff will be forgotten!
    Fortunately, I think the stratus is something that can be worn year round!
  6. Hey Twiggs...

    I seen one on June 9 (at SCP) in Ecru I believe. That's what SA said anyways...I tried it on.....just wanted to see how it felt....awwww....:nuts: Was nice! LOL!! Nice dream while it lasted....LOL It was sooooooooo cute!! OMG!! I loved it!!!:heart: Didn't love the $$. :nogood: So soft!!! Awww...:girlsigh:

    [Actually, was out to buy my Azur Saleya. Which I've been using everyday since..] :graucho:

    Good Luck come August!! :yes:
  7. I know that I'm not in the US, but I saw some today!
  8. Thanks LV & Jelly!
    Actually...if CDNs see them I can always have my Mom buy it and then ship it down to me...come August I'll probably be desperate!
  9. Hey twiggers! Just wanted to let you know that I saw one in beige yesterday. Let me know if you want the store info. :graucho: I just love it and you will too!!!
  10. I know this is not much help as I am not in the US but my store had all the olympe bags on dislay last night ....I tried on the ecru cirrus and those two ivory clasps really dug into my side:push:
  11. Hi, I got one yesterday and saw another one while I was there. =) Good luck.
  12. millenia mall in orlando, fla.....

    they had both stratus Ecru and Beige on display! i was....2 days ago?!!! they also had nimbus in both colors!
  13. Beige. =]
  14. Twiggers the Boca Raton, FL boutique has atleast 1 each of ecru and beige
  15. Thanks everyone!!! This keeps my hopes alive LOL