Stratus or Nimbus?!


Should I get the Stratus or Nimbus?

  1. Stratus

  2. Nimbus

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  1. Next month, I will be able to purchase either the Stratus PM or Nimbus. I just can't make up my mind on what one I want. I'm leaning towards the Stratus, but I'm afraid thick double straps will be a pain to stay on my shoulders. I need help!! I can't make up my mind :confused1:
  2. I lean towards the Stratus as well!! Such a beautiful bag! Whichever you choose though, you will be happy!! Congrats and don't forget to post pics so we can drool!!!!
  3. Oooh lucky you get a cloud. I like the nimbus better. The straps seems more feminine than the big ones on the stratus.
  4. Love both esp. Nimbus but for daily use, go for stratus, more roomy :smile:
  5. stratus look so yummy :p
  6. Stratus.
  7. I like the stratus - wish it came out in the new anthracite colour like the nimbus will be.
  8. Another STRATUS vote here.
  9. Stratus is so pretty.....good luck !
  10. i have the Ecru Stratus PM, and it's one of my favorite bags. it's very roomy, and the handles are very comfortable
  11. I vote the Stratus. It's a unique bag!
  12. Stratus!!!!

    I love love love it!
  13. Over the past few days, I kept looking at pictures and agree with all the Stratus voters. I'm getting the Stratus! Thanks everyone :smile:
  14. can't wait to see photos
  15. I vote for stratus too! It's so gorgeous..!!! :heart: Which color are you getting?