Stratus, Fersen, Cirrus, and Nimbus, does anyone know their prices???

  1. must haves...please if you have it let me know how you like it and the price..thanks!!:heart:
  2. Stratus PM $2400 USD, sorry but I'm not sure about the others
  3. thanks blue eyes...
  4. fersen: $2460, nimbus: $2550
  5. Cirrus $2,700
  6. thanks.... now i have to save for a fersen/stratus pm..thanks!!
  7. check out the reference section, there is a thread with prices.
  8. forgot to say, it's the limited edition thread which is stickied at the top of the reference section
  9. There is no need to post more than one of the same topic in two different areas. Only one will suffice. I'll go ahead and leave this one open and delete the other. ;)