Stratus and Lockit...lots of LV fun today!!!

  1. I picked up my Stratus PM in Beige. It's so pretty!!! Then, while I was there, I saw the beautiful Silver and Gold Mirror Lockits. They are really nice! I wasn't sure if I'd like them as they are not really my style, at least that's what I thought. But I was wrong, I love it! Anyhow, I couldn't take my Silver home today, but I can pick her up on Monday! Yahoo!!!! :drool:

    I didn't stop there either. I came across these neato Louboutins on and bought them too (what the heck, at this wouldn't be a REAL shopping binge until I hit $5K, right?!). They are on preorder, so I won't get them until end of Sept, but what do you think of them? Too matchy matchy for the Silver Lockit???
  2. congrats on the nice bag and shoes!! Were they comfy? I cant tell if they are more a sporty look but theyre cute!!
  3. Congrats! Yahooo!:yahoo:
  4. I haven't seen them IRL. They are interesting looking, so we'll see. I have to wait a long time for them though. Anyhow, I cannot wait to get my Silver Lockit.
  5. Congrats!!
    I Love the stratus,
    The Silver lockit is stunning it's worth the wait!
  6. congrats! :dothewave: :yahoo:
  7. :yahoo:Congratulations on the Stratus and the Miroir Lockit and the hot shoes!!! Might as well binge big, I say!!! LOL :p
  8. I hear ya! Just yesterday I posted on one thread that after the Stratus, I budgeted for only one more bag this year coming out in September (which I'm getting too! lol), but I couldn't help it. I fell in love with the Silver Lockit. Oh and I got 3 new Juicy couture pants/hoodie sets too. So yes, I binged big! :nuts:
  9. Congrats on the new goodies!!!
  10. those shoes are sooo gorgeous! congrats on everything!
  11. Congrats!!!The shoes will look fab with your Lockit!:tup:
  12. Thanks everyone, did I mention I'm so excited...and did I mention, I'm so broke. lol
  13. congrats, everything is so awesome and yes those shoes look like they are gonna rock w/ the silver miroir. :heart:
  14. Thanks Gayle, congrats to you too. :flowers:
  15. OMG....

    I think of you today (remember my last post on your old thread? :graucho:) I got the call from my store, the SA said the Lockit is I took it.

    Anyway, I accidently asked her about the Stratus PM, she said there's a Ecru one if I like....

    Oh...nooooooooooooooooooooooo :nuts:
    ((I had her to put it on hold... :rolleyes:))

    BTW, congrats!!