Strategy for telling him about purchase! Truth or Lil Lie?

  1. Hey everyone -

    As I recently purchased my very first Gucci large HOBO, I was thinking of creative ways to approach the subject with my my boyfriend ...

    Do I just fess up to the cost even if it is the same cost as my rent - after all, I work hard for my $$
    Do I sneak it in to my secret closet - you know the one that he doesn't know about and I can claim "this? I've had it for years..."
    or Do I tell him it was half price and he should be happy that I look for deals...

    I'm all for honesty, but he, like many gents, have a hard time understanding our passion/obsession for accessories.

    What are some of the creative, clever, direct things you all have done to soften the blow of a big purchase to your sig. other?

    Do you feel like, hey my money, my business or did you cook a romantic dinner and then drop the bomb during dessert.

    Let me know if you vote "LET the TRUTH be TOLD" or A little LIE never hurt anyone"

  2. I always tell the truth. Problem is, if you marry this one, he will find out later. And, in a sense, it is not fair to the guys, cause if the fact that you are a fashion horse and willing to spend for nice things is a deal breaker, he needs to know that now. And so do you.
  3. If its something you have to lie to him about, then it just shouldnt be done in the first place. Period.
  4. My thought is this:

    If this is a relationship that you think may lead to marriage, tell him the truth.

    If this is a fling, it's none of his business since it is your money.
  5. Just tell him you bought the best bag ever and proceed to describe it in huge detail LOL

    I tell my bf about my purses all the time and he understands I totally love them! lol Whether he wants to hear about the purses (since he is not interested), that's different LOL
  6. I agree! I would never be in any relationship where I had to lie about anything. Sounds like you have great taste and if he's marriage material, better to introduce him to this part of your world NOW than have to fight with him later about it. He may never understand it but at least he'll get used to it. Any you never know, he may TOTALLY understand it and become your enabler (every woman's dream husband!). I am happily married to an enabler by the way!

    If he's not someone you would ever spend the rest of your life with - who cares what he thinks?!? Enjoy your bag!
  7. you got to break them in slowly. they will get used to the purse spending after a while. it's going to take some time. but since this is a part of you, he's got to live with it, might as well go with the truth. good luck!
  8. I vote for the truth but with a little sugar on it. My husband and I negotiate about most things, nothing superserious but f.ex. he gets breakfast in bed for a week and I get an LV baggy. Sometimes I just buy him a little something too, nothing big but something just for him, in my husbands case it would be a series of Star Trek.....
  9. First Congrats and I really must see pics :smile:!! I tell the truth but try and pick the best time to kinda just mention it. My DH knows that I have a bag sickness usually he's not suprised. I also find asking: "Don't you think I'm worth it" to be helpful as well LOL!!
  10. I just bring them home, put them in the closet and bring them out when I need them. I don't mention price anymore. My husband says it is my money and when I discussed Hermes with him once, it became clear to me he would probably never get it. No more discussions of price.
  11. i am the same way but i tried to time when I start to bring the bag out. If I make a series of purchase lately, then I'll leave it in the closet for a while until he thinks I haven't bought anything for a few months.
  12. Im upfront with my bf. We're very open about our finances because to me, its really important that he knows I spend a lot on certain things because I'd HATE for that to cause us problems down the road... and also, because we're pretty open about that stuff, he realizes that while I spend a lot on some things, I'm pretty smart with my money so he knows if I splurge it is usually something I've thought about and most importantly, he knows I'd never go into debt over my shopping... for us that is important.

    I don't think you have to be like "oh I just spent X amount on a handbag, but if he asks, you shouldn't lie.

    Now... to my parents... that's a whole different story:P
  13. Tell him the truth! Lies lead to even more lies. Like you said, you work hard for your money and you deserve an expensive bag.
  14. I agree!
  15. Yeah..and he's your boyfriend, not your husband! You can save and scrounge when you're married or when he puts that diamond bling on your finger! Until then, enjoy being carefree and guiltfree with your reasonable spending.