Strategies for Choosing a Korean Plastic Surgeon


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Sep 14, 2020
I'm sure there are many of you currently pondering the possibility of plastic surgery to take advantage of downtimes of COVID, and I'm one of them. For those of you currently researching the topic, have gotten positive/negative experience, would love to hear from you.

My current strategy is vetting specific surgeons rather than clinics for my needs (face slimming/jaw reduction/bone reshaping). Because of the competitive landscape of getting PS customers, fake negative/positive reviews are far too common for an accurate decision. You'd also be falling into the traps of marketing by choosing based on clinics rather than the person ultimately performing the surgery. As such, I'm also not downright dismissing the blacklists, as the benefit of long-running and complete facilities of large clinics or of small and personalized clinics far outweighs the exceptions of one or two instances of malpractices.

Still ongoing but my current steps for vetting are:
1. Search up credible clinics
2. Review the medical team and track specific surgeons
3. Credential review and verification:
4. Reach out to former patients from tpf or realself
5. Consult and feel the vibe

Let's keep a tracker here and share the vetting results?
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Aug 31, 2020
that includes pretty much everything... don't forget to ask about discount options... they usually don't mention it themselves