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  1. I finally ordered my fav items from strapya! I know a bunch of girls on this forum was talking about it, but they didnt have any of the items I wanted instock. I remembered about them last week, and there you go, they had almost everything! Yay, I ordered from them on the 14th and my package arrived today! I couldnt belive it, it came all the way from Japan! Its faster than most ebay sellers here! But Im so happy and thought I'd share my new trinklets with you gals! (I even got a mini mini mini car for my boyfriend!) My fav is the hellokitty in the kimono! The one next to her is in a traditional korean dress! The lil red bear guy is a gloomybear blind box.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  2. [​IMG]
  3. [​IMG]
  4. [​IMG]
  5. Aww that is so cute! Waiiiit, is that the car from Initial D?
  6. how cute!! :biggrin:
  7. i bought the RC car set for my SO too....its so cute !
  8. Birki! I love ur lil avatar pic!!!! Its soo cute!

    Yeah Jess! That car is like the initial d! My bf has 2 irl! Drifting is his "thing" just like fashion and bags are mine. So Im suprising him with it! Its all in japanese though...hope he can figure it out!
  9. Vmasters! u need to get a gloomy bear too and stick them on ur massive inferno collection! Its perfect!
  10. tres kawaii! (yes i'm mixing languages, its fun!)
  11. Hahah, ill try it 2 mucho merci!
  12. gahh,i was considering ordering stuff from there a while ago to.. was shipping crazy expensive or no more than the ridiculous places in America charge? they have so many cute things.and chupachups....
  13. Shipping was $4.49 cents! To me, that was cheap, especially coming from Japan! it came in like 3 days! Thats soo fast! Faster than lots of ebay sellers here! Chupachups were cute too, but I didnt notice it till after I was done ordering!
  14. that is really cheap& crazy fast.
  15. So cute. I love Hello Kitty.

    I got some Hello Kitty blind box from the Japanese market that is just like the gloomy bear with the dangling/moveable arms, legs and body. I am trying to get all nine different ones, but I got like double of one and triple of another. I think I am missing 3 of them. I should take pictures of them. Sorry for hijacking.