1. I've done a search and couldn't quite find what I was looking for. I am petite (5'0") and am a little too short to wear my damier sophie. The bag hangs down to almost mid-thigh and looks bad IMO, not to mention uncomfortable. I have looked through e-lux and and called my boutique but the SA is a dingbat (my PS is on vacation) and could not help me. All I saw online are adjustable straps in Epi.

    Without having to make a 40 mile trip to the closest boutique, does anyone here know if there are adjustable straps (for damier) available or perhaps they come in different lengths?

  2. I am not sure what straps they have for Damier but I know they make 2 different Vachetta straps. One is adjustable and the other one is not. They also make an adjustable mono strap. I have the mono strap to use with my Mono Pochette
  3. I am not sure about adjustable straps, but what about maybe a damier pochette strap?
  4. I was wondering this very same thing. I do not have the Sophie but I was interested in a longer strap for my pochettes (i'm 5'2). All I have found so far is a non-adjustable vachetta strap on ELUX for $165 but nothing for Damier. I'll keep looking and let you know what I come up with.
  5. I saw that one, but will need one in brown.
  6. I am 5 feet and have to wear Sophie with long strap across body and even then she's pretty long. I guess she's made for giants. LOL

    I wonder if you can get it shortened.
  7. It bothers me that it bounces on my thigh each time I walk. It is made for giants! I really wanted to wear her today, so I made a knot on the back side and it was the perfect length. However, I don't want to ruin the strap. I suppose I will have to make a trip to the boutique to find out.