straps too short??

  1. Loving your Medium classic flaps but finds the straps too short to wear it across your body??

    any solutions for this problem??

    I love my medium flaps so much... but i wish i can also wear it across my body when i want to. The size of the bag is so perfect.. not too big not too small .. sometimes i really want to wear it across my body but i cant!!!! so find it quite frustrating!!

    any thing we can do about this? can i bring it back to chanel to ask for longer chain?

    Thanks ladies..
  2. I was told by Chanel that they will not alter the length of the chain. Should you do so, they will not service the bag if you bring it in.
  3. Share the view! I was wondering why they didnt make the straps longer too!

    I've seen some pics of TPFers wearing it cross body tho, perhaps it was with a larger size.
  4. You can only wear cross-body for styles such as Wallet on Chain (WOC), Mini and Jumbo.

  5. I think some of the older/vintage flaps have longer straps. There's a thread with pictures on the comparison between the newer flap and the older flap. As well, I think it depends on the body size.
  6. Yeap that is true. However the ones I have seen with a longer chain are slight variants of the traditional classic flap

  7. I've never come across a true classic m/l flap that can be worn cross body. If so, then it was probably a special version of the classic flap, but not a true classic m/l.
  8. SIL and I both wear our M/L flaps cross-body. Both are 'true' classic flaps from the permanent collection. It definitely depends on body size... She's a U.S. size 0 and I'm a U.S. size 2-3. In any case, I much prefer wearing other bags crossbody (mini, WOC) because they're lighter and more comfortable.
  9. i can almost wear my m/l crossbody but i do find it sits a bit higher than i like so i usually wear it with both straps