Straps Request

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  1. I tried searching for a topic like this and couldn't find one. I think we should all get together and ask the fine people at Balenciaga to sell various lengths of straps.

    I would like a longer strap so i can do messenger with my first. Balenciaga people if you can hear me, DO IT! You'll make more money and my bank account will hate you.
  2. ^ I was thinking the exact same thing, I would love a longer strap for my first so I can wear it in different styles! I don't suppose any ebay sellers have straps only lol!
  3. Absolutely, I'd wear any size messenger style, but especially the city!
  4. I have thought of this a million times! I can't see them fulfilling this request except perhaps in the black color.

    Another thought that has occurred to me is to somehow adapt a Work or Weekender to add a shoulder strap (you would need "spare parts" from a City ... which of course is NEVER gonna happen!!).
  5. i just need longer handles on my work...then it would 100% perfect
  6. Wow brilliant idea :idea:
  7. LOVE this idea. It would make my city so much more desirable for me for everyday!!! I would help petition!!!!:ban:
  8. well if an iPod has 1000000 accessories, I think a balenciaga deserves even sellings extra straps in a few lengths would be a great opportunity for them.

    Just as they did the tassles, they should do the straps. Even if they don't carry all colours in stock, they could order them in from their warehouse or whatever. They obviously have extra leather from the past for them to sell the extra tassels.

    Man I seriously need to work for this company and tell them what to do:roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  9. Probably would be to expensive to produce. Bal is not a small compagny so it's a little more difficult to ask for such extras I think Hermès could deal with that.
    Now I would love an adjustable strap on my city!
  10. But if they are producing the straps anyways for the purses wouldn't they be able to make more as an extra? Anywho I wrote to them and we'll see if they do anything.
  11. I would even be willing to put a different colour strap on my bag... it could look super cute if the 2 colours complimented eachother well. But it would have to be a balenciaga strap, I think putting a different type of strap on would look awkward.

    ^ Can't wait to hear what they write back eeyore!
  12. Oooh, count me in!!
  13. Great Idea!! I wish you worked for Bal too Eeyore!!
  14. I had to buy a box just to get the longer strap for my first!! I agree!
  15. :yes: I personally don't use the shoulder straps too much, but I agree it is a good idea. Everyone has a preference on where they want their bags to fall when on their shoulder, and Bal bags are too expensive not to have straps that can adjust or offer them to be sold separately.