Straps on Totally


Mar 28, 2017
Has anyone ever wrapped them with a scarf or had them replaced? I'm getting tired of the middle part of my straps and I can't seem to get them clean. Its my own fault for buyng a LV with researching on how to care for it (I use lotion and touch it, touch it with wet hands etc) and but what can I say? Lesson learned and probably wont buy another bag with vaschetta again. As it stands I'm scared to even use my Houston. I am very hard on my bags but lately I haven't been liking the look. Its fine on most f the strap but the middle part is just gross. I think the scarves look pretty on other bags but seem a little too fancy for the Totally. Plus I've never seen it done. Thoughts on replacing straps or wrapping them?


Mar 6, 2013
I'm not sure how much it would cost to get the straps replaced or if it would be worth it to you. Otherwise, I love the look of a twilly-wrapped handle but it seems like it would be hard to do it on such soft, flexible straps. You usually see it on stiff handles like the Speedy or PM.