straps on B-Bags?

  1. I don't have a Balenciaga, (yet) :smile: Can someone answer a dumb question? Are they mostly tote bags? Or can they be carried on the shoulder? thanks so much.
  2. Not a dumb question -- the city, first and twiggy can be carried three ways: tote, over the shoulder with the strap, or over the shoulder with the handles. The purse is a shoulder bag as is the day/hobo and shrug. I think the work and weekender are tote and over the shoulder with the handles (because there is no strap). Not sure I got all that right. There is a sticky above showing people wearing their bags, which should help.
  3. Thank you all so much! This is a bit overwhelming :smile: I'll sort through because I know I want a bag that can be carried on my shoulder and that isn't too big. Then I'll decide on color! :smile:
  4. I just read this over on "The Fashion Spot" regarding the City bag, and it's worrying me since I HAVE to be able to be comfortable carrying my bag on my shoulder ... any comments?? Would a twiggy be a better choice for shoulder-carrying?

    "my medium city classique is driving me nuts. The more I carry it, the more I dislike the style (don't get me wrong, it looks divine). Its just that the shoulder strap doesn't stay on at all, the short handles are either poking out at funny angles or getting in the way, and I can't carry the purse with the handles over my shoulder because the fit is too tight to be comfortable. The only way the bag doesn't give me headaches is when I carry it in the hand - which is impractical ... "
  5. ^^^Both come with a shoulder strap so you shouldn't have an issue with either.
  6. about a Box or a Twiggy then? :biggrin:
  7. Well - this person didn't seem to think that the shoulder strap on the City worked for her too well ... she said that it kept sliding off of her shoulder and the handles got in the way and added to the discomfort. Is the Twiggy any better in that regard? I'm thinking the Hobo might be the most comfortable for wearing over the shoulder, but I don't really want the unstructured look of the Hobo....
  8. I carry all of my bbags on my shoulder... I love carrying the city or first with the shoulder strap especially, it just gives it a distinct carefree 'rocker edge'.
  9. Oh, yeah! That's true...the Day/Hobo would be a great choice, then!
  10. I dont have any problems carrying my city on my shoulder. I have a twiggy as well and I don't have any problems from that or my day bag. It's a matter of choice and comfort. You can always buy it and if you realize there is a problem with the city, return it and get the day bag.
  11. I always carry my City by the longer shoulder strap, and haven't really had any problems with it. It does slip off a lot, but most bags fall off my shoulders, so I don't stress about it. And as for the handles, I just stick them both over to the side so they're not sticking into me.

    The Day is also v. comfortable on the shoulder. But I feel its quite a bit bigger than the City.
  12. is there a thread that shows every style so i can compare? how many styles are there?