Straps on accessories pochette?

  1. Can they be attached like a wristlet? I have seen people use the straps as a very short shoulder strap, but can both sides of the strap be attached to the same side of the pochetted to make it a wristlet?

    If not, is there a wristlet strap that can be purchased?

  2. I'm not too sure about making the straps short to make a wristlet but I know there is a strap called a partition that you can purchase. I was told this last year so call LV to make sure it's still avail..hope this helps!
  3. Of course you can wear the Pochette Accessories as a wristlet. All you have to do is detach the hook from one end of the bag and attach it to the other end, where the strap is attached, and place said hook on the D ring.

    The Partition is not a strap it is a LV wristlet (bag).
  4. It can be worn as a wristlet, but it's pretty big, it's pretty much a clutch with a strap at that point !
  5. Ayla, I was actually thinking that. I am now considering the mini pochette. In addition to wanting a wristlet, I need something fairly small to fit inside small bags.

    I was hooked on the Wapity for a bit - then I realized that it is too wide across to fit into a small bag.

    Anyway, that is why I am now considering the mini pochette.

    Thanks for the info on attaching the strap. That makes sense how you described it GLL. I actually went on and found that there is a strap that is sold ($91.00), but it would not be necessary.

    So, the mini pochette may be just what I need. (note: I said NEED! LOL!)
  6. i normally use my pochette as a wristlet. I don't like carrying it on the shoulders. Just detach the strap from one end and hook it onto the other end.
  7. That's the spirit of an addict ! :graucho::graucho::graucho:
  8. Yes, one end of the strap has a clip on it, so rather then attaching to the opposite side of the pochette you just attach it to the same end and you have a wristlet. :smile:
  9. I totally agree with you going for the mini pochette - I have a bucket pochette with a gold chain that's pretty much like the mini pochette, only a bit bigger. I use it *every day*; it's so useful for holding everything small that you'd need to keep separated in a bag!
  10. Search for the post "Who Here Modifies Thier Bags" (I know spelling issue) and you will see a pic of how I modified my pochette with a strap.