Straps hurting shoulder?

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  1. Does anyone else have a problem with this, and/or also have fibromyalgia? I got a lovely Legacy Turnlock Tote in from ebay yesterday, but when I went to try it on, the straps dug into my shoulder kind of badly, and I had only tossed in a wristlet! I then tried on my Gray Quartz Phoebe and Gunmetal Saff N/S tote - same result. I am SO BUMMED OUT. Apparently I had been wearing these with my thick winter coats and hadn't felt how uncomfortable the straps were. :shucks:

    Luckily, the ebay seller for the turnlock tote is very nice and letting me return, but the gunmetal saff can't be returned (ebay purchase from a while ago) and dammit, I am not giving my Gray Quartz Phoebe up, I saved up to get her with PCE so I could have a monogrammed tag. But now that means no more Phoebes for me...

    Please tell me I'm not the only one! I had no idea the thinner straps would hurt my fibro. I've been carrying Mollys and Candaces and Mini Tanners and Duffles and Rory fully loaded with no issues. But when I put my ipad in Phoebe it felt like it was going to leave a bruise. :sad:

    ...please tell me it's not just me. I've already had to cut way back on wearing heels, now it's affecting my purses too...
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    No, it's not just you. I don't have fibromyalgia (bless you because I have a good friend who does) but I have shoulder problems, nerve damage I'm sure, from traveling weekly for work and hauling around heavy bags. I find that bags with thin straps KILL my shoulder and that's one reason I lean toward legacy bags with thicker straps....and I love my Bleecker business totes, too. I've tried Phoebe and the Saffi totes and I love the look of both but just couldn't take the shoulder pain. The straps are so thin, they settle into a nerve in my shoulder and I can't carry them there very long.

    And you're right. I have two Legacy turn lock totes but I got them during the cold weather and have only been wearing them on the weekends when I'm running errands and keep my coat on. That's probably why I haven't noticed the same thing with them yet.........
  3. I have fibromyalgia and frozen shoulder. I've been wanting to get the Legacy Turnlock tote so your problem with it saddens me. I have recently bought two totes with thin straps but I haven't carried them yet. Now I'm a little afraid to. I was also considering ordering the small Phoebe on FOS, but now maybe not.

    I've had to return every Kate Spade with rolled straps I bought because of how they hurt my shoulder. Coach rolled straps, like on Candace, don't bother me. Crossbody straps on a lot of bags really hurt. For some reason, Willis is fine. I always figured it was from my bony shoulders rather than from my health problems.
  4. I don't have fibromyalgia but I do have neck and shoulder problems. I've been going to a chiropractor for over a year to help the problem. It doesn't fix it but it makes the pain go away. But I've noticed since this happened, there are a lot of bags that just don't work for me any more. Phoebe was one of them. I LOVED Phoebe when the bag first came out. So much that I bought multiples because I just loved everything about the bag. Until I started carrying it for long periods of time. Then the pain started after just carrying it from the car into a store. That's when I had to re-home all of them. I still love the look of the bag but I just know that it won't work for me. What's strange is that all the bags I already own, I don't have a problem with. But I've had a really hard time buying new ones. I guess the straps are just thicker on my current ones. My Zoes are a lot heavier than Phoebe but the straps just kill it for me.
  5. Well, now I'm glad I'm not alone, but I'm so sorry these beautiful bags aren't working for you all as well! :rain:

    At least maybe now we can use this thread to figure out what might work and what probably won't.
    Georgia Peach, I hope your turnlock totes work out for you! Whateve, you might want to load it up and carry it around in the store a bit. I am glad to hear the Wallis works for you - I keep trying to forget the Juniper Wallis, but it keeps popping back into my want list. Bellest, I'm sorry you had to rehome your Phoebes. They are so gorgeous! And the only bag I've ever liked the compartments in.
  6. I don't have head/neck/shoulder problems or fibromyalgia, but I'm a petite person. That being said, phoebe's straps hurt me. I have a large leather & small op art, and its the same thing with both! I just swap shoulders, carry them satchel style, or by the handles. Hope this helps!
  7. In general I don't buy larger bags with thin straps. A small or mini bag with thin straps is fine for me.
  8. I have MS and sometimes having a disease changes everything. Besides handbags, my other love was shoes...beautiful heels to be exact. I haven't been able to wear heels for many years now so I feel your pain...literally. I've come to love beautiful flats and wedge styles.

    Purses...I've never cared for thin straps but I can see how they'd "cut in" the shoulder more than a wider one that distributes the weight better. I love the wide straps on my older bags like my Lula's Legacy and even my two Zoe's are comfy still. I was surprised to read yours no longer work for you.

    But, go with what's best for you. There are enough beautiful bags out there, even in all the Coach lines, to satisfy anyone's needs whether it be strictly for fashion or in accommodating physical needs. Hang in there. I have good days and bad ones too. I'm always grateful the good are way ahead of the bad for now.
  9. I noticed you have mini Tanner in your wish list? Is that bag comfortable for you? I am very interested in the small Madison tote, which is very similar to the MT.

    With fibromyalgia the pain moves around so it may be that bags that hurt now won't hurt in a few months.
  10. I have seven Mini Tanners and love them to bits, but I carry them by the handle pretty much 99% of the time, enough that I store the straps separate from the bags.

    Now, I have attached the MT strap to one of my Haleys and worn it crossbody - but again, it was winter and I was wearing it over a leather jacket.
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    This is a very interesting thread because I've recently started having issues with purse straps too. I have rheumatoid arthritis and nerve issues, so that could have something to do with it.

    I carried a Zoe purse daily for a long time and never had issues. When I wanted to replace it I really liked the Kate Spade Curtis hobo, but noticed the strap really bothered me. I figured it was due to how it's rolled and not flat, but I now carry a Michael Kors bag and it's gets very uncomfortable when carrying cross body and my Zoe never did that. I just occured to me that the MK strap is thinner than the Zoe (not as thin as the Kate Spade which was really narrow).

    I have a new black Legacy duffle that I'm going to start using this week. I think the thicker straps will be great and hopefully not give me any issues.

    Good thread, thanks! Hope you are feeling good this weekend!
  12. I bet the duffle will be perfect. I had the same problem with Kate Spade. Now I'm afraid to ever buy another Kate Spade. I have a MK Upton Astor shoulder tote that is comfortable to carry. I can usually only carry crossbody bags if they are small and lightweight. Most crossbody straps are too thin to be comfortable.
  13. I have shoulder problems and can only tolerate a bag on my shoulder for a few minutes. I love the Phoebe but won't be getting anymore. I mostly carry handheld bags.
  14. This was one of the reasons why I returned my gunmetal saffiano tote a few months ago, and why I passed on getting a saffiano tote in the recent sale Coach had here - I found the saffiano tote carried really well when it was empty, but once I loaded it up with stuff I carry around (a folder with some paper, an umbrella, a water bottle) it started feeling really heavy and difficult to carry and I found the straps digged in!

    (Oddly enough - the Phoebe has pretty much the same thickness strap as the saffiano totes but when I put the exact same things into my Phoebe I didn't have a problem with the straps...)

    I've never had any problems with the strap on the duffles. This might be because it's a nice thick strap, and also because it's crossbody...?
  15. I font have this problem with Phoebe. Isabelle worn crossbody is the only one that gives me pain.