Straps for a Roxy

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  1. Hi Girls, can you tell me what straps you are using on your roxy ? Are they leather or canvas? How much are they and will Mulberry just sell them to you??
    Bestest, Flossie
  2. Hi Flossie.

    My original plan was to get a Rosemary strap when I eventually purchased a Roxanne - they cost £90 but obviously can only be ordered in colours that the Rosemary originally came in. I was intending to get an olive Roxy at this point so that would have been fine.

    I then decided to order the canvas messenger strap, having seen Goldfinch's, as I could use it on my oak Emmy as well as a Roxanne. I ended up getting the vanilla Roxanne and the match is perfect.

    If you want a messenger strap, you need to order it as a replacement for a Seth :rolleyes: However, you should mention that you want the large buckle on it - the first one they sent me didn't have this and then they asked me to send in the damaged strap that I wanted replacing (whoops :shame:smile:

    I hope Goldfinch doesn't mind me swiping her photo :flowers: but this is the strap I have, too:

    It cost £50 including shipping.
  3. Thanks ditab, I am going to keep my oak Roxy so will get a strap for it.Do they do them in darwin oak?
  4. You could definitely get a Rosemary strap in oak darwin - but it's not long enough to be worn messenger style.

    I don't think the messenger straps come in leather if that's what you're asking. I mean, some of the messenger bags *do* have leather straps, but they don't seem to fasten onto a D-ring iyswim.

    If you check out the messenger bags on the website, you'll see that the oak bags come with brown straps nowadays, although previously they came with cream. I don't know if they do a canvas strap in oak colour.
  5. I'll check them out, thanks.
  6. Hi, I can totally recommend getting a strap - it gives you soooo much flexibility with your bags :biggrin: I use the strap in the pic above on my Rosemary and Ellison as well as on the lemon Brooke (I now have a vanilla Brooke on the way so will be able to use it with that one too), it's fabulous.

    Some canvas straps come with a bit of leather trim in the same colour as the bag, so you need to watch out for that if you are ordering a "replacement" strap. I have a gorgeous black and cream stripey strap which came with my Ellison, but it has a bit of mustard coloured (light orangey tan) leather on it which means I can't use it with most other bags.

    NB Having two Brookes means that I am going to experiment with linking the chains together to make an extra-long chain handle which I could theoretically use on other bags too - it'll either look rubbish or look cool, I am looking forward to trying it out! :biggrin: