Strapless push-up bra for a small chest?

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  1. I never ever ever wear strapless bras. I can't remember the last time I did, I just always make straps of some kind work into things.

    My chest is I think a 34A (but some victoria's secret 32B's work for me-- they told me 32B is a sister size to 34A?) but from trying on strapless bras at victoria's secret last night I feel like I'm something way below a 32A because nothing really felt like it was hugging my chest and keeping everything in and I felt like I gained NO push up.

    I have to wear a strapless bra for a bridesmaid dress and I really would like a little push-upage... I don't even think gel inserts would hold inside a strapless bra, right?

    I'll be honest, I only know of victoria's secret for bras. I try other department stores but nothing works for me. Anyone with an A cup know of THE BRA for good push up?
    The only one I even remotely liked was victoria's secret BioFit but even then I wasn't 100% sold..

    Thanks for any suggestions!
  2. Ill share a tip a fellow small chested friend gave me years ago - JCPENNEY bras! JCPenney's Ambrielle strapless is the only bra that stays snug on my 34As and gives them a bit of lift. They do stretch out over time so I find myself buying a new pair every other year. For maximum push up, I use the gel inserts and the bra together to get a hint of cleavage in stapless dresses. PM me for more info!
  3. I have a "bustier" type bra from Victoria's secret that seems to do the trick. I am a 32C but a 32 is even a little big on me sometimes and stuff tends to fall down. The bustier I got comes in black or nude I believe and covers your whole stomach. It has a ton of hooks on the back and if you get it tight enough it works really well to push up and hold your chest up. Beware though it gets really hot!
  4. Have you been fitted for a bra in a lingerie shop?

    If not, try getting fitted in one with a variety of brands. It will be more expensive than department stores or Victoria's Secret. You wil, however, have more options to try out. The sales help is often very knowledgeable about the merchandise, which can be a godsend if you're totally frustrated.

    Good luck!
  5. I would suggest Nubra. If you don't have one already, it's a great addition to any wardrobe. I use the Featherlite. Can be adjusted to make you look a little bustier.

  6. I'm a similar size as you. I've never been able to properly fit a VS bra. I would recommend Aerie by American Eagle, Ambrielle at JC Penney, Wacoal for Petites, and CK for Petites.
  7. I have a Triumph strapless wired one in nude. I also wear 34AA in US size.
  8. i 2nd this, its awesome! i use the silicon type though.
  9. I love my Frederick's of Hollywood push up bra. Gives me some cleavage when the timing is right. You should check out their website and/or store.
  10. My favorite strapless is by Wonderbra. Don't know the specific name of the style but it fits me well.

    Will have to check out the Ambrielle bras!
  11. If anyone is really small around (I'm about a 28-30 band bra), check out The Little Bra Company. They only make A & B cup sizes, but they make "petite" bras in as small as size 28! They also fit a bit small.

    I haven't owned a strapless bra in years b/c I hated pulling them up every 2 seconds b/c they were all too big in the band. I just bought a size 30B strapless from TLBC and it actually stays up!
  12. try nubra with push-up.
  13. Oh my gosh, thank you for this! I love Little Bra Company, and never knew they made a strapless. I'm soooo getting this, thanks!!!
  14. nubra

    or try nordstrom (wacoal petites or ck is good for petites as well). vs isn't very good for smaller sizes. or larger sizes for that matter.