strapless bra...

  1. Ladies,

    I am looking for a great strapless bra for my summertime tops and dresses. Any suggestions? I am a 34C and don't want lift or too much padding. Thanks!
  2. for dresses, those body shaper things tend tow ork best for me. but i think the vs ipex now is strapless, havne't tried it yet but i'd bet it's really nice!
  3. you should try the strapless from le mystere. they sell them at Saks and Nordstroms. They have a little bit of contour padding - but they're the best looking (and most comfortable!) strapless bras i've tried :smile:
  4. there is a strapless bra by Chantal (the straps are optional and the straps are also very pretty).
    the bra doesn't move around, the inner bra has some sort of silicone that holds the bra in place. it doesn't have extra padding and it is not a push up bra.
    I will try and find picture of the bra and post them =)!
  5. awesome! I do have an ipex bra and would be interested to know what the strapless is like. I'm curious about the chantal one, a picture would be great. I've heard about le mystere but have never tried one on. I will try all of these options. Thanks ladies!
  6. i made a typo in my previous post, the correct spelling is chantelle.
    here is a picture of the inside of the bra...if you look carefully, you might see the clear squiggly line that feels like silicone. i'm not sure about material. i bought this last summer and it works great.
  7. i couldn't find the pictures online.
    so i took some more pictures.
    i hope this help.
    picture00003.jpg picture00004.jpg
  8. Bravissimo do fantastic strapless bras, don't know if they ship outside of the UK though?
  9. I purchased a La Perla one that I've worn only twice so far and I love it.

    Here's a photo: I have it in black and white. It's so comfy too and doesn't fall down. I'm a 36B or 34C (depending on the bra designer and style of bra) and I hate padding too.

  10. i hate padding in bras too!
    it is so difficult to find a bra without padding these days.
    i don't like those super thin ones either...those feels like i'm not wearing a bra at all.
  11. We're the same size! I feel your pain and I hate padding bras too. We got it already! Don't need the help :p . I only have one strapless actually and it's from Victoria Secret. I don't remember what's the style. It's probably Ipex or the Angels collection. It's hard to find what works cause most of the strapless bras they don't really support that well.