Strapless Bra Question

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  1. I have a problem and was wondering if anyone can give me some clues to solving it. So here it goes.

    Since summer is coming up tank tops and sun dresses are coming out and I don't want my bra straps to show so strapless bra right? But strapless bras are just too loose on me should I try getting a smaller size?

    (I'm 5'1", 110lbs, and 34B)
  2. just go to a big department store, bring a tank top with you and keep trying, trying, trying. i'm sure you'll find one to fit you eventually.

    if the band size is the problem, try a 32C or a 32B just in case. i recommend a good basic strapless bra from maidenform, it holds up pretty well.
  3. It's recommend that you go one size down in the strap and one size up in cup.
  4. Thanks guys you were so helpful I'll sure be trying that soon. ;)
  5. I'm a 32C and sometimes can wear a 34B. I would try a 32C. Macys (as much as i hate that store) has a really great selection, considering 32C is a pretty uncommon size.
  6. It depends on the cutting of the particular bra.

    What I find saved me from a LOT of embarrassment are bras with silicon strips on the side straps. If you sweat a little, it just grips onto your skin. I'm a small 32B and I have two strapless I love, a 32B and a 34A. Both have the strips. All my other convertible bras, from 32A-32B, that don't have the strips are awkward to wear because they keep sliding down if I relax my posture a little, no matter how much of a better fit they are with the straps on..
  7. victoria's secret ones are pretty good!
  8. that's for starting this thread... I've been having the same problem, thanks for the tips!!
  9. Victorias Secret has some great strapless bras;they actually stay up.
  10. I did not know that! I guess that is why I always fall out of my strapless bras and there is not enough material in the cup. I feel kind of dumb now...:P
  11. toss the strapless bras . . . get nubra instead! you'll never go back :tup: it's funny, i have 3 of them and i'm tempted to wear them all the time, even under stupid things like sweaters so i don't have any bumps from straps . . . .
  12. Why not go and get fitted for a bra? That way you will know for definite that you are buying the correct size
  13. Go get fitted at a department store or lingerie store. The SA's will know what they're on about and can get one to fit you perfectly.
  14. i'd go down on the band size, but not on the cup don't want to pop out the top!
  15. I agree, unless you'll be sweating and your top is flowy. I'll spare details but those chicken cutlets fly right off after a couple hours of clubbing. One night I ended up wearing them in the seat of my jeans. Similar things happened with friends and to this day, one of my friend still have no clue what happened to her right one. :roflmfao: