strap to wear speedys???

  1. Hello
    I have seen a woman in the city yesterday. She wear her speedy with a long strap over her body. I very like that way of wearing. So I would like to know if this long strap is from lv and can I buy it for a speedy 30? how much costs it?

    have you that strap too? maybe pics?

    thanks for your help

    have a nice day !:smile:
  2. I don't have a strap to use with my speeedy, but I have seen people wearing it that way.
    I know that LV used to carry a vachetta strap. But what I see on now is a mono strap for USA $155. Or if you have a keepall you can use the shoulder strap from that.
  3. Yes, you can buy the strap. LV has 3 different straps. 2 that are vachetta. One of them is adjustable and the other one is not. The adjustable one is $200. They also have a mono strap that is adjustable. I have the mono strap but I use it for my mono pochette if I want to wear it as a purse. The mono one is $155.
  4. I have the mono strap. I bought it when I bought my Speedy 25 years ago. I haven't used it in a while, though.
  5. Does it scratch the vachetta handles? I had asked an SA once, and he had told me that straps couldnt be used on speedies bc there was no ring on them and therefore the strap hooks would scratch the vachetta handles.