Strap Slippage? Try this strap modification!!

  1. I don't know if anyone else suffers from strap slippage like I do. As much as I love the utility and the look of the strap on Bbags, the straps don't stay put on my shoulder. It's particularly frustrating in cold months over bulky (read slippery) clothes.

    To minimize strap slippage I used to wear the strap the wrong way, meaning, with the shoulder protector (:shrugs: don't know what they're called) sitting on top of the strap as opposed to underneath it on my shoulder.

    I finally had enough today... :idea: and wondered if the shoulder protector came off. It does! So I removed mine and it has completely eliminated strap slippage! It "pinches" my shoulder better, digs in its own little nook and sticks. I also prefer the look of the strap and the bag as a whole without the extra distraction of the shoulder protector. :wlae:

    Does anyone else do this? Or do you have other tricks for keeping the straps on the shoulder? Please share.


    CIMG1120.JPG CIMG1121.JPG
  2. Great idea, deco!! Thanks for sharing!! I was getting tired of my First falling off my shoulder while I was shopping last weekend...I'm gonna try it!
  3. Thanks for sharing! LOVE your Box!
  4. Ooooo...but I love the look of the shoulder :s ...but sure makes it slippery...ekekekek thanks Deco...will try it your way.
  5. Another pointer: if you want to try this, do it very slowly and gingerly. The widest part on the strap is the brass bale. You can only slip the bale through the loop if you angle the bale and push one side of it through first and follow with the other side.
  6. Great tip Deco! I almost exclusively use the strap and it is forever falling off. I'm gonna have to try this method.
  7. Thanks for the suggestion. It's so funny, because I swear I had the same idea today (mind wandering while driving) but hadn't tried it yet. I wasn't sure if the shoulder pad would come off and also wondered if you could just slide it down a bit so it is not right on top of the shoulder.
  8. In the celebrity thread there's a pic of Nicole R. doing exactly that: sliding the shoulder thingy down the strap so it's not sitting on the shoulder. :yes:
  9. I've done this trick with my aviator helmet bags and they sit on my shoulder just fine once that thingy is removed.
  10. Ok, it's official now: it's called the Thingy!:upsidedown:
  11. lol!!!! your box looks really nice!!! and it looks good without the thingy on it
  12. Thanks for posting! The strap does indeed slip off my shoulder and frankly, drives me nuts! I will definitely try your modification.
  13. :nuts: Decophile - great idea!!! I'm going to take the thingy off my Rouge Vif City and see if it works out better... I find that my Cities only slip but my Twiggys are good and they stay!!! Thanks again for sharing your wonderful tip!

    PS: :love: love your magenta box... :drool:
  14. A great idea indeed, Deco!

    Yes, I shall also remove the thingy and try it out! I've been using my first for the last few days and the strap did bother me a little with all the slippage.
  15. Wow, thanks for sharing that! I was wondering about the strap piece as well. I just got my first and it is hard for me to keep the strap up. I am going to try this tonight! Thanks!